Friday, July 22, 2011

Social Disservice

Watched a TV programme the other night about the youth problems in Kawerau. Think it might have been Closeup.
The guts of it seemed that the government should be "doing more".
Which really means the state should be spending even more borrowed money to "solve" the social problems that plague the town.
Now maybe I'm thick but surely the underlying message is that the worse you behave, the more of other people's money you will receive.
What started life as a public service to help the truly needy has morphed into a never ending social disservice.
Of course it keeps many people gainfully employed as policy analysts and service providers but it does nothing to stem the cause of the problems.
The clear message should be that the worse you behave the less you will receive.
Then we might see some real progress.


pdm said...

Lou - I think underwriting should be underlying? Line 3.

Mort said...

You are absolutely correct. Basically
you get what you pay for.
rewarding bad behaviour with fun team building activities will only generate more bad behaviour

Anonymous said...

I don't think its that simple although I think the perceived correlation between reward and outcomes makes sense.

Some people never descend to the level of acting like thugs no matter how bad things get yet others seem to struggle to not act like thugs at the best of times. Maybe its about self respect but I think it goes deeper than that as well or the pattern would be more obvious.

kevin said...

Hats off to the Mayor of Kawerau... He has the difficult job trying to keep the wee town ticking along. Apparently all key staff on the council reside out-of-town...