Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Boring It No Longer Makes The Front Page

Phil Goff's continuing decline in the polls, that is.

The headline gives the strongest indicator yet that Labour might roll Goff.

Voters prefer Labour policy but not party:

However, it is the small fry which bring much more interest this morning from Herald-Digipol.

ACT down to just 1.4% party vote. Hellooooooo Dr Brash. Where aaaaaaare you? Yooohooooo! Show us your polling. Show us your polling.

Maori Party up slightly with 2.0% party vote.

Capital Gains Tax - despite The Herald's misleading sub heading indicating broad approval, the highest score was 'no opinion/don't know..' at 24.6%

Asset Renewal - National had better get off its collective arse and sell this concept which Labour has hijacked, misrepresented and cemented into the public mind as 'evil asset sales.'

Repayment of National Debt - a huge forty-three percent of New Zealand's population are dead shit dumbarses who think a capital gains tax which raises nothing in it's first seven years is the best way to pay down the national debt.


CB said...

On the Nation Judith Tizard called Don Brash Mr Burns and mentioned Crosby Textor a few times!!

Come on, you are on national TV. You don't go using language from the Stranded on national TV. It makes you look like a stupid bint!

Anonymous said...

that wouldn't be hard because she is a stupid bint.

@Adolf: given the Dom are editorially obstructing the free flow of speech, as evidenced by the refusal to run a paid for advertisement (and yet still managed to charge for the ad... not too bright on ACT's behalf to actually pay them the full rate), do you think the message that Brash is trying to sell is being editorialised, and that ACT are being allowed to get their message across without slighted?
If this is teh case then ACT need to up their game and use other sources of the media to get their song out without the lefty propaganda.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 11:04

Actually I think ACT are bloody lucky their ad was NOT printed otherwise they might have gone down further.

If you look carefully at a recent analysis of issues important in the minds of voters, your single minded focus on 'maorification' will ensure you never make five percent.

Anonymous said...

I cringed listening to Goff on Radio Live yesterday. He seems a smug idiot out of touch with people who work for a living. Phil, you are not my mate.

He's nearly as bad as the sanctomonius rich who complain they should be paying more tax but can't because there's no law to make them do what they think is right. Gareth, just had over what you think the leeches should be allowed to waste and then you can be smug.

James said...

Seems Ansell was correct and he's found a real bombshell here...


I thought the Herald hyped up 'support' for Liarbour policies and I agree with you that National has to do more to sell its policies.
It cannot win simply on the back of John Key.
While I agree ACT needs to raise the economy and ETS more, this part of the poll was interesting, showing ACT has struck a chord, even if it is not winning it much support.

According to Act Leader Don Brash Maori have too much say on how things are run in New Zealand. Do you think Maori have....
Too much say 42.2
Too little say 13.2
About the right amount 39.8
Don't Know 4.2
Refused 0.6