Friday, July 15, 2011

Signs that we are in the END TIMES

Very odd stuff going on with the Dominion Post lately. Yesterday they had a big scare story on the front page about how families can't afford to buy something called "healthy food," by which they actually mean "fruit and vegetables." Somehow, the fact that the ability to eat fruit and veg in the middle of winter is a very recent phenomenon seems to have escaped them.

Even weirder, this morning's edition has a big scare story on climate change, with You have been warned in big letters. It's all about recent extreme examples of the well-known phenomenon "weather" are proof of climate change, and we're all doomed for our failure to repent while there was still time.

It reminds me of all those pamphlets you get from Herbert W. Armstrong or other religious nutters, usually entitled "Who can doubt these are the END TIMES?" or similar, and full of examples of earthquakes or floods that were proof that judgement day was almost upon us. Handy tip for climate scientists: if your scientific opinion reads like a religious loony's doomsday pamphlet, you really need to rethink your approach.


gravedodger said...

Is it possible old Harold Camping has bought a controlling interest and thereby editorial influence with some of the $84 million that flowed into his coffers last time the end was nigh.

Moist von Lipwig said...

That climate change story should be on the 'Entertainment' page.
Sadly, the ridiculous utterings of Dr

"What we are seeing throughout the world is when it rains, it pours."

Really mean..
look out!.. We are coming for your wallets.

Andrei said...

Good stuff PM - right on the money

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you've pinched my next post.

If the ACT Party (even with Brash and Banks) were to adopt as a policy the dismantling of the ETS and the repeal of its enabling legislation AND promise there would be NO CARBON tax or any other tax in disguise, I would actually give them my party vote and so would the Cook.

I suspect there is a rich vein of votes to be won over if they, or any other party, would do this simple thing.

Instead we have the sad spectacle of Boscowan rabbiting on in parliament about the evils of the ETS while their website promotes a carbon tax, for God's sake!


I commented over at my place on the fact that media reported on Dr Trenberth's comments without question- even though we have been officially told that the climate hasn't warmed for a decade thanks to filthy China.
It appears the journalists haven't even read about who Dr Trenberth is and his controversies.
They certainly did a bad job here and the articles would have been far better with some context than the usual hell fire and brimstome we have all heard before.
We certainly do need a more cricial media especially considering the major issue carbon tax has delivered in Australia. It has even become news here in the UK.
Even the British seem to be waking up at last to the costs of government eco-loonery with front page stories of power prices going up because of them and many hate the windmills ruining the landscape.
As for the ACT Party, I am amazed and dumbfounded the party supports a carbon tax.
I thought such words might have quietly disappeared from its website considering the fuss in Australia.
ACT would poll better as non-believers.