Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rubbish in- Rubbish out.

Plenty to cause guts ache in the papers today, not quite so grumpy about the SST using horizon polling anymore since a few of us created multiple accounts with them to figure if they really were as shite as we guessed. They are.
However a guts ache free Sunday morning was rendered impossible after reading this rubbish.
Yes, all flavours abuse their kids, not questioning that truth. But read the words this idiot uses.
"Her master's thesis at the Eastern Institute of Technology found about half of the children killed in New Zealand died at the hands of a Pakeha abuser."

So..... 80% of the population account for "about" half the child abuse cases.
Stop trying to minimise the disgrace that is Maori child abuse by using the "they do it too" excuse.
Master thesis without maths. Nice.

Poverty does not make you kill your kids.
Gobshite apologists for scum make my guts ache.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Look for this name, Raema Merchant, to pop up any time soon on a Labour or Mana party candidate list.

Barnsley Bill said...

Without a doubt.

gravedodger said...

You beat me to that "Thesis" rubbish BB.
Your Heading said it all.
If that emotive, factually inaccurate, misleading effort was what I consider a published Thesis to be then that Institute needs an audit quick smart.

PM of NZ said...

"Her master's thesis at the Eastern Institute of Technology"

A degree from the local polytech an hour and half up the road from me? More likely a diploma in Masters of the Universe.

JC said...

"Her master's thesis at the Eastern Institute of Technology found about half of the children killed in New Zealand died at the hands of a Pakeha abuser."

Thus emphasing that Maori kill their kids at many times the rate of Pakeha.


Psycho Milt said...

Just to clarify, she works at EIT but the Masters thesis was done for Massey University and is available from Massey Research Online. The degree was in Social Policy and Social Work, which is among the more dubious social science areas and is generally populated with political activists rather than researchers. Looks like an example of it here.

Psycho Milt said...

From a quick squizz at the abstract, among the astonishing findings of this research is that the news media concentrate on the most serious incidents of abuse and those with the most sensational aspects. No shit, Sherlock?

Anonymous said...

You'se fullas is pig ignorant eh!
Fark, dincha know it wusn't the Maori side that killed dem kids. It wuz da colonial oppressor part of da offender's whakapapa trying to beat dem kidz eh! Da Maori side of deir whakapapa was not to blame.

KG said...

It was-in Turia's words-"post-colonial stress disorder" made 'em do it. Anon.
Jeez, don't you know nuffin?

Flashman said...

EIT, Massey University and a master's degree in "social policy".

A trifecta in stupidity.

Your tax dollars working hard - just for you.

Psycho Milt said...

Come now - of course a university can't be expected to compare with the mighty output of your own intellect. Be fair.