Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quite A Mundane Story .......

......... until you get to the very last line. And then the ribs started to ache.

"He is an innocent victim. Warren is only guilty of trying to help out a friend."

There'll be a cell ready and waiting for this guy.

He'll be double bunking with the other crook who 'was only guilty of helping' his constituents.

Remind me never, ever to hire Trinity Media Group if I need some quality PR.

Oh yeah

Nearly forgot to add:

IRD had better resume it's audit of this rooster.
He emailed a Flight Centre travel agent to say he needed invoices for "around 30K" for tax purposes.
And have a good hard look at his travel agent.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Reminds me of a tyre business which also dealt in white ware out in the WA bush.

They sold dozens of colour TV sets when they first became available during the seventies. Some clever marketing took place and the TV sets were invoiced to wheat farmers as 'tractor tyres.'

Someone blew the whistle and the blood ran in the streets when the ATO investigated every cocky who had bought a coloured tractor tyre.

You see, the trouble was they were also selling pigs run in the mallee block down the back, without showing any capital stock or sales in their tax returns.