Friday, July 22, 2011

Pharmac in perspective?

Nearly every time a Free Trade deal with the US is discussed the fact of the New Zealand's socialised health system's buying agency is suggested as an impediment.

The Mayo Clinic in the US has assets of nearly ten billion and a turnover of almost seven billion.
Now do the US drug cartels seriously suggest that Our little Pharmac with a turnover of less than seven hundred million is a problem?

Throw in the kudos that supplying the Mayo Clinic implies and that red herring is more likely their FireBlight excuse methinks.


Roger Nome said...

The Future
So - today we find out the National-led Government has arrogantly told the rest of us that the declining availability of energy for the running of our civilisation is not a problem. Considering the huge impact that the temporary stalling of oil production had in the 1970s and 1980s (high unemployment, inflation and general stagnation of the economy), one would think that the inevitable permanent decline of crude-oil availability would be of some concern. But National is seemingly relying on the apathy of the NZ public, for the acceptance of its "business as usual" line.

The fact is that the economic situation is going to get worse. As energy becomes more expensive, there will be less economic activity, because the economy requires energy to drive it. It really is that simple. This means that we are going to be forced to focus on the efficient use of energy, to get the maximum benefit from a resource that is becoming ever-more scarce. This will mean moving more of our goods by coastal shipping and rail, and huge investment in a modern public transport infrastructure. It will also mean, moving away from the current economic model, which provides ever more energy for the wealthy (money simply represents stored energy), toward a way of ordering society which distributes surplus energy more equally amongst people. That will require a re-focus on public life. Work for all those that want it, rather than arbitrary "market availability", and a monetary system that no longer just funnels energy/money upwards using interest and fractional reserve lending (banks lending around 10 times the reserves that they hold). We need to get rid of privately owned banks, and ensure that the printing and lending of money benefits all, not just the foreign money-lenders.

Yet - we see none of these things happening in the National government. This means that the "under-class" (the label John Key has given to the under and unemployed) suffers more, and grows ever larger, and more vocal). Eventually this will require more repression of the poor though force (police and perhaps military).

So it's nice to see that John Key has invited the US military over for a show of strength on our soils.

To avoid the collapse of NZ society in to this hole, increased public awareness of these issues will be needed, and of course, increased public input in the political decision making process.

Anonymous said...

The big pharma business didn't get rich by being nice and playing fair. If they can rort us they will. Pimple or not, Pharmac matters.

As an aside I heard the other day from an American ex dairy farmer that the only people making a living from dairy in the US are Amish and Menanites who do it simple. Funny that. Sounds a bit like corn as well. Work your arse off and barely scratch a living - how did it get that screwed up in the land of the free? Maybe big corporates are not the answer?