Saturday, July 9, 2011

NZ Women lead the world

New Zealand women earn two first places in world ratings.
Timaru gynecologist Albert Makary hails NZ women as the leaders in the world for sexual partners at 20.3, world average 7.3 according to a survey conducted by a condom marketer. NZ Men trail at 16.8 and New Zealand gets the rooter of the match award as the only country in the world where women lead the men in these stats.

Whats wrong with golf 18, holes a round and as many rounds on as many courses as wished.

Gives a whole new meaning to intercourse champion eh.

He also claims that many of the women he has information on have no idea of the ID of the father when they present as pregnant.
Who wudda thunked that.


Tinman said...

I've been to Timaru.

"Timaru gynecologist".

Says it all really.

Ray said...

This is the man who had a hard push for his special mate Mr Hubbard to get a knighthood just before the SCF collapsed