Thursday, July 28, 2011

Money / Church Again?

No it is not an obsession, just another man of "the cloth" who has possibly tripped on his cassock.

Jonathon Kirkpatrick ex vicar of St Micheals in CHCH, ex dean of Otago's St Pauls Cathedral under the first female Bishop Penny Jamieson, ex lover and long term partner of retired Labour MP Tim Barnett, has until recent days been director of an AUT business development unit.

During this week a few things have happened, AUT have successfully frozen J K's bank accounts and have gagged staff at AUT from speaking to the media, the Anglican Church have distanced themselves from him, He is not sayin nuttin after resigning his position as CEO of the AUT business innovation unit. Possibly been a bit too innovative ?
All the while some $500 000 is missing

What is the sad litany of those who would bang on as to how the peasants should lead their lives, are so often revealed with feet of clay. Perhaps good ole Christ J should have kept going when he turfed the money changers out of the temple, too many of his followers seem to have needed similar treatment.

I know nothing is proved , YET. Someone might have just borrowed it and missed paying it back


Lambcut said...

Let's add theft, graft and corruption on a grand scale to inherent violence with reference to recent discussions on the great religions.

Anonymous said...

The Christian message is quite clear and is not the issue. Its just that men do dumb stuff and twist the message to support their bad behaviour. Orthodox church organisations, including a fair chunk of Anglicans, would view him as completely unsuitable to hold a leadership position.

I suspect that he won't argue that pinching the money, if he did that, was OK but flouts other Christian expectations that are just as relevant as of no consequence.

Given the above I'm not sure I expect him to be honest at any level.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lambcut you are becoming tedious.

You're starting to sound like an extremist atheist. A most dangerous animal indeed.

I've had more to do with the inside of a church than you appear to have with the outside and I can assure you there are within it some right ratbags. After all, they are all human as was Judas.

It seems you want to hang all present day Christians with the follies of there predecessors centuries ago while turning your other cheek to the atrocities committed TODAY by your friends the Islamists.

I think you are a fraud.

Lambcut said...

I'll have you know I'm a very genuine athiest!

I was brought up a Baptist, in a family of Ministers and missionaries, became a born again Christian at 14, (gave it up as a bad lot at 16). I have studied theology and have taken time off the beaten track riding a motor bike around Turkey, Jordan, Syria et al to see the very first Christian churches.

Its more than a bit presumptuous for you to say you have seen more of the inside of a church than I have seen of the outside.

Clearly, you dont like genuine debate here, so I am happy to stay off your site, you pompous pedestrianate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaah, I'm so glad you think riding a motorbike around Turkey, Jordan and Syria somehow qualifies you as an authority on modern day Christianity.

Lambcut said...

The qualification comes from the theology. The travel is merely proof of interest in the history.

In any event, when have I ever in any forum favoured one religion over another? Stop trying to make out I am a supporter of the muslim brotherhood, or anything else of that ilk. More importantly, stop taking yourself so seriously. I dont.

Anonymous said...

Wow some story. Hacked any young murder victims cell phones yet?

Lambcut said...

Oh really, you big twat! I can't help it if you have had a boring life and project it onto others. My stuff is all true. Ask Busted Blonde, she's known me all my life. And I mean all.

Anonymous said...

Given something like a third of the world puts down "christian" in a census type situation, it seems a little unreasonable to judge them all on the basis of the behaviour of a few.

In this case the "few" had already come to public attention for having quite unexpected behaviour. I know that the TV3 programme where Kirkpatrick among others "starred" was not a balanced programme, but I had forgotten until I read it this morning quite how badly the people concerned appeared to be behaving. The BSA decision (which determined that the programme had been very unbalanced) gives quite a transcript of the allegations and is available here: