Thursday, July 21, 2011

Methinks Some Protest Too Much

Little Andy is joining the growing list of socialists shrilling about the tactics they clain ACT and The Nats are employing in Epsom.

Now hang on Andy, just how hard did Labour campaign against The Troughmaster General in Wigram when he was joined at the Hip to you muppets.

How hard did you go up against Dunny when he was your vote.

Its called playing within the bloody rules, Tosser, that, and how it might be used to make your very carefully planned "long game to lead Labour" succumb to a defeat in New Plymouth is no reason for those who would do everything within those ridiculous rules to give you maximum grief to "play nice and fair".

Could I respectfully suggest you use whatever shred of "fair" in your miserable socialist carcass reemains, to bring a halt to the blatant rorting of Parliamentary Services funding of Labours campaign before the 3 months out date cuts in.

I wont hold my breath though.


smttc said...

As I commented at Kiwiblog yesterday, if you complain about MMP and advocate change, the socialists accuse you of being anti-democratic. If you use the rules of MMP to maximise the votes and seats for you and your coalition partners then it's a stitchup designed to circumvent democracy. Just listen to Cosgrove frothing at the mouth on Radio Left Wing this morning. Fucking hypocrits.

James McGehan said...

How is this deal in Epsom different to the previous campaigns where Labour and the Maori party did a wink nudge arrangement to engineer an overhang?
James McGehan