Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matt McCarten is ripping YOU off

Having had to tolerate the ranting of the sanctimonious stuttering buffoon in the Herald for quite some time now it came as a bit of a shock to see that this eat the rich, honky hating dickhead has a few problems with the IRD.
Pay your bills you scumbag.
And get your mate Bomber Bradbury to start facing his responsibilities as well.

You don't get to rant like some holier than thou, butter wouldn't melt do gooder when you are ripping kiwis off.


WWallace said...

Imagine if people like McCarten were elected to government, and actually got hold of the Treasury benches...

It would be like Greece, where the tax is no longer collected in election year! Or where the average railway worker earns 65,000 Euro per year!

Someone who cannot run their own business, cannot be trusted with taxpayers money.

WWallace said...

In fact, why don't we require prospective politicians to pass a qualification before they are allowed to vote in Cabinet? Most other professions have a prerequisite set of fundamental knowledge, with exams to prove that you have grasped the basics.