Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maori Sovereignty and Politics

I see a somewhat inflammatory piece over at PM of NZ in which the Maori Party, Mana Hone and NZ First are classified thus:-
"Voters know the likes of the Maori Party, Mana Hone and Winston First are racist."

The post is so obviously puerile it does not deserve a link but it and other commentary from some ACT Party people and other red necks deserves some rebuttal. Here, I am speaking of the Maori Party which is much maligned.

I suspect much of the angst expressed by the flat headed shouters stems from their lack of understanding of the term Tino Rangatiratanga which literally translated means 'self determination.' For the radicals like Mutu, Harawira, Sykes, Iti and their mates, that meaning stretches into all the things which quite rightly inflame those who shout 'racist, apartheid' and other epithets. It seems clear nothing less than a Maori parliament with veto over New Zealand's parliament will satisfy their lust for other people's property, money and their own never ending leisure.

However, for the Maori Party the meaning seems to be something quite different.

It seems to me the Maori Party version of Tino Rangatiratanga is more benign and much more akin to the values of 'mainstream New Zealand' both brown and white. Self determination takes on a less aggressive and confrontational meaning when seen in the context of wanting to 'be liberated from the oppression of generational welfare dependency.'

Now that's a bit more important than charging honkies five bucks to go to the beach.

While the radicals are chasing imaginary grievances from a bygone century in which they seek 'liberation' from a long gone oppressor, the Maori Party is dealing with the real grievance, the one that is here and now and one that is literally killing their people by the thousand. This insidious modern day oppression of Maori has been championed for decades by the Labour Party and it is to the eternal credit of Taria Turia, Peter Sharples and John Key that some progress can be seen in the form of Whanau Ora.

Thus it can be seen that the Maori Party has been greatly strengthened by the expulsion of Harawira, who may have won a small battle in a by-election but has paid the price of remaining outside any decision making process until at least 2014. The party has greatly increased its mana in mainstream New Zealand, brown and white, from whence it needs the necessary votes to consistently poll at 15% or better and thereby permit the inevitable abolition of Maori seats. Adolf will be watching opinion polls to observe the progress of their party vote.

Meanwhile, there is another issue begging for the Maori Party's attention. Adolf has always had a good eye for a niche market during his career and here he sees a useful election opportunity for the Maori Party.

If they would have the courage to take their biggest elephant in the room and make it their flagship election policy they will gain immense support.

I refer to the appalling issue of Bros Bashing Babies.

Fifty percent of child assaults happen in Maori homes which comprise some fourteen percent of the population. (Cant remember where I saw that recently) The only people who can realistically confront this gut wrenching national disgrace are those of the party representing mainstream Maori. You won't get any action from the methamphetamine soaked welfare bludgers who worship Harawira.

They could make a start by openly conceding that there is a huge MAORI problem here. That concession on its own would be revolutionary. Then they might look at demolishing the currently hopeless 'system' which is failing to identify children at risk and replace it with something distinctly MAORI. And to hell with Dr Brash. If that means different rules for Maori then I'm all for it if it saves lives and stops broken bones.

Sue Bradford's (now the kids are safe) white man's magic sure as hell ain't working. Who knows, the recipe might even involve the death penalty for peddlers of methamphetamine.

All in all, a candid admission of a problem, combined with a good, well thought through campaign on this issue will be a vote winner.

Just as an upfront statement from the ACT Party that if elected, the dismantling of the ETS and refusal to introduce any carbon tax will be a sure fire winner
amongst the large and growing number of climate realists in National and Labour who recognize a scam when they see one.

Both parties stand to pull significant votes from National and Labour, if they will just be bold.

I will be watching Colmar Brunton, Roy Morgan and Reid over coming months to see how my friends in the Maori Party and the ACT Party are progressing.


Anonymous said...

I'd ike to think that such a generous view of Maori is realistic but suspect its not. Their culture is still about mana and utu. Give an inch and they take a mile.

Ditch maori seats and we may see progress but not before.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If it were not, Harawira would now be leading the Maori Party.

If you can't see any progress over the last thirty years then you are blind.

Graeme Edgeler said...

If you're talking about incidence of child abuse across ethnicity, it doesn't matter what the overall Maori population is, it matters more how many Maori children there are.

Had a quick looks on stats nz, and the first useful stat I came up with that would be helpful is that in 2003, ~27% of births in New Zealand were of children with Maori ethnicity.

On the other matters, I always found it odd that many on the right opposed the guarantee of self determination to indigenous peoples in the UN declaration.

Its the same guarantee that granted to everyone in the ICCPR: pretty much: "Oi Government - stuff off. I want to control my own life." The right should be supporting that for Maori and non-Maori alike.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thank you Graeme.

I thought I had seen those figures on Lindsay Mitchell's blog but when I went looking I couldn't pick them up. The long and the short of it was that 50% of the children admitted to hospital with bashing wounds were Maori.

That's the extent of the problem.

I'll keep looking.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Here's one reference from the SST April 2011.

Over half (54% in 2009) of all convictions for violent offences against children are committed by Maori, 24% by European/Pakeha and 19% by Pacific Islanders.

That leaves only 3% for Ayrabs, Somalis, Tamils, Chinese, Koreans Japs and Inuits.

PM of NZ said...

"It seems clear nothing less than a Maori parliament with veto over New Zealand's parliament will satisfy their lust for other people's property, money and their own never ending leisure."

That is the goal. The Maori Party may have an outwardly 'benign' agenda with the same outcome and I suspect that is why Hone jumped ship. It was not happening fast enough.

Glad you noticed though.