Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lockie tosses out the Trash

Speaker Lockwood Smith, today threw The newly elected member for Te Tai Tokerau out on his sorry brown arse when he refused to take the necessary oath.
His supporters in the gallery had just broken out in a "Wiata" and were asked to be silent.
That was the circus today and although I paid more than sufficient for admission I couldn't make it.

An attempt by Wed Wusel to give him another chance, you know "gimmee me fwag back" but the National led coalition quite rightly gave him until the next sitting day to get his shit together.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The dumb prick won't know when the next sitting day is. You know, up north every day is a sitting day for those fullas.

If you stand up you might have to do some work, eh?

royaloaks said...

The Bros are going to Goofys big announcement after making arses of themselves in Parliament and then on to Hones pad for a boil up later. This country has many problems!

gravedodger said...

Does the dopey bastard get the dosh before he is sworn in, not at, he got that years ago.
If he can't access the dosh, Mumsy Tits will kick his butt and there will be no kai.

Anonymous said...

Laugh all you want - its simple bad behaviour and common enough at the top. The political parties have broken laws (you have moaned about labour electoral spending), they have backed dated legislation to get them off the hook (Double Dutch Duynhoven particularly annoyed me - I sent his condolence card back when my mum died) and an ex PM abandons her guardians (under orders) to take a rap when she wants to speed for a photo op. This is nothing. They make the rules, break the rules and change the rules to suit them. I'd like to think the National will show some ethics about this but suspect there will be an accommodation that lets him off. Slackers. I like the idea of trickle down but its a pity it works with bad just as well as with good.

No wonder we are in a mess.

Anonymous said...

"I sent his condolence card back when my mum died"

Jesus, what an asshole. Get help.

KiwiGirl said...

I wonder how loud the ruckus would be if a Caucasian MP went to a Marae and ran rough-shod over the established protocols.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, what an asshole.

Yep. hat's why I sent it back.