Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Labour's Citrus Harvest

TVNZ has let the cat out of the bag, just a little.

It seems Labour's capital gains tax is seen by the public as another Labour Lemon,
just like Australia's labor lemon.


"The biggest group was strongly disapprove, at 31%, and 12% rated it a 4 - so about 43% disapprove or strongly disapprove," Espiner said.

There were 21% in the middle, with 17% strongly approve and 14% approve, an overall approval rate of 31%.

Readers should note well this is not an independent poll. It is Labour's internal polling which has been leaked in the hope that somehow it will damage Nationals stratospheric poll ratings.

The same poll shows a majority unhappy about National's proposals to allow private minority investment in some SOEs. Of course, the result is to be expected when the question talks about 'privatisation' which is an entirely different thing and is not anywhere near the drawing board. BUT, Labour's default position on every issue is to lie through their teeth.

The Gnats need to get their skates on and do a much better job than they have thus far. They have allowed the enemy to frame the debate in the public mind as 'state asset sales.'

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Anonymous said...

Dunno about CGT really but it seems that like all Govt stuff it won't do what is intended and cost a lot to achieve not much.

You can bleat on about privatisation but why would you, as a large corporate investor, buy shares without control or the prospect of control? I hate Labour but this "selling a share" feels like another thin Chinese wedge going in.