Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Labour abuse

"Vulnerable children are part of the picture, but all children in New Zealand need a good start in life," she said.

"Where you start to make the change is in the first five years of a child's life, and you support all children and their family through those early years."

Apart from the fact that King and her cronies had 9 long years to sort out child abuse and achieved nothing apart from spending money, now she wants "all" children to be subjected to their control.

The only reason we have high rates of child abuse is because of years of State intervention undermining the family unit.

When you rely on the State to solve all your problems, the State will only ever reward you with greater problems. This is the nature of Labour abuse.



Well said Lou.
I see Lindsay Mitchell has a fine post on foodbanks- built it and they will come.
She noted that even during the early years of the century, when unemployment was falling, the numbers using foodbanks increased.
Likewise, we must ask ourselves, whose job is it to feed children?
Their parents, or the state?

Keeping Stock said...

Sad, but true Lou.