Saturday, July 16, 2011

Julia's Carbon Tax Induced Recession

Nearly three weeks ago I opined on the possibility of Australia slipping into recession. Julia Gillard's recession which Australia doesn't need to have.

Just this week, there were more signs of the dreaded "R" word.

  1. Westpac's chief economist, almost out of the blue, now forecasts the RBA will cut interest rates in an attempt to stimulate the economy. Up until a couple of days ago ALL economists have been predicting an increase in RBA rates.
  2. One of Australia's biggest retailers, David Jones, has reported a massive profit forecast downgrade. Reason? DJ's sales have hit the wall.
  3. My next door neighbour, who sells engineering supplies into the mining industry is reporting sales have stopped. Even though customers have had a good year they have stopped buying.
Why is all this happening?

Easy answer. People are unsure of the future. Business managers and householders alike are scared stiff of what their about to be acquired Carbon Tax will do to them and their jobs. They have just woken up to the fact that their country now is being run by the Greens for the Greens and suddenly it has dawned on them that it is they themselves who will pay a hideous price for all the lunacy.

It's a near identical repeat of the economic destruction wrought in the US by the BAJA in the WH with his 'Obamacare.'

Adolf now is confidently predicting negative GDP growth for the June quarter, giving Australia Gillard's recession Australia Didn't Need To Have.

They'll carve on her tombstone the immortal words:

"There'll be no carbon tax under a government I lead."

Australians are starting to shout:-





Anonymous said...

Ditch the bitch! Hilarious because she's a woman so it's true, and it rhymes! Genius! How do you come up with such fantastic material?

Ackers said...

You've got to hand it to these Kiwi blow ins. They really enhance Australia.

Luc Hansen said...

No, I think any recession is likely induced by you finally achieving a very messy Big O after your umpteenth attempt!

No more bar tabs.

No more fancy cars.

No more spending on loose women (God bless them!)


You, sir, singlehandedly (unless you changed hands) have bought the Australian economy to it knees!

And you have achieved your goal of becoming an island to yourself.

Poor bugger.

More seriously, can you imagine the damage to the Australian economy of unrestrained climate change?

Probably not...

Shane Ponting said...

"More seriously, can you imagine the damage to the Australian economy of unrestrained climate change?"

That's a joke right?

Anonymous said...

Shane. Just like that Aussie twat who said "While we cannot say these events were due to global warming, it is highly likely these events would not have happened without global warming."

And watch as JuLIAR gets called out

Plus this is the face of the emotion driven, naked ignorance and arrogance of the climate change Nazis.

Chemist Peter said...

See David Jones offering 70% discoumts. Hope these are still available in Sept when I go to Oz for a business trip.

Ackers said...

Shane, when you have allies like these it's quite clear who the joke's on.