Monday, July 18, 2011

Jack and Jill .......corrected.......and updated

........... or more precisely Julia and Phil, appear to be waltzing to oblivion, arm in arm.


Here is today's top news story from the ABC.

A new opinion poll has voter support for Labor plunging even further amid concerns over the party's carbon tax plan, with the party holding just 26 per cent of the primary vote.
The Coalition has enjoyed a whopping 22% swing against Labor in the short time since the federal election less than a year ago and another leadership coup in Labor is widely tipped for this week with Simon Crean as the designated caretaker. Nobody seems to talking up the little squealing Rudlet. Abbott has an 11% lead in the PPM stakes.

The Labor/Labour parties will need to choose their leaders with more care.

No person whose surname begins with the letter 'G' need apply.


Even Tony Abbott knows she's going, according to the latest headline:

Tax, not Gillard, is ALP's problem: Abbott


God said...

No person whose surname begins with the letter 'G' need apply.

"Hello, I'm God. I was just wondering if I could."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, they would consider your were not good enough.

kevin said...

"and you have too many scruples, so sorry but no"....

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't get into National either so its no point of difference. Looking around it seems no poiltical party has room for someone with a plan, who knows what they are doing and has the means to make it happen.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 4:04

You're nearly right but not quite.

There's no room in the National Party for someone with YOUR plan who thinks he knows what to do but actually hasn't got a clue.

And anyway, why would God want to get into the National Party? He doesn't need to, His Son's already there.

kevin said...

lol. I didn't realise that 'Brian' had got the call....