Sunday, July 10, 2011

It just got worserer

Latest 3news Read poll:
Party Vote
Nats up 2.1 to 55.1.
Lab down 2.9 slip below 30 to 29.9
Watermelons benefit from Labour up 2.6 to 9.1
ACT still spinning their wheels in the blood on the floor at 1.7
Maori .7
Mana .8
NZ F still has 2.2
Dunny has gone down the Dunny at 0.0

Preferred PM;
John Key up 2 to 50.5
Phil Goff 6.9
Peters (who) 3.9
H1 been gone 33 months but 1.7 of the sample still love her.
This would have been sampled before Goff admitted he would have to borrow considerably more than National and before the greater tax grab from the productive sector was signaled and so clumsily leaked.

Is Simon William English's glorious defeat about to be swamped.
Performance rating: John Key satisfactory for 72.1
Phil Goff cant even score half those who would vote Labour at 13.9

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