Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Is Always About the Money!

A couple of months ago I commented on another blog that Hannah Tamaki's play for the Presidency of the Maori Womens Welfare League was about the money.

With her successful challenge in the High Court that her exclusion from the ballot was unlawful, more facts are emerging.

As the Whale would say, some interesting names have appeared among the membership.

To be able to cast a vote a branch must have 10 members.
With 90 members the branch can exercise 5 votes.
If they can rustle up one more member it gets 10 votes.

Lo and behold, some 10 NEW branches were formed and guess what? They had between 91 and 93 members.

Now some are asking if there was there any connection between Destiny Church, Hannah Tamaki, the new branches, the way the subscriptions were paid and their timing.

I suggested there was an attractive amount of money sloshing around and the M W W L would be a base to gain traction in the contesting of some of that money.

Entities such as Whanau Ora have some admirable traits among their objectives and may have some solutions to intractable problems facing this country but when any "church", and Destiny in particular, start making such obvious moves towards the treasure chests that Whanau Ora and similar have, I get more than a little interested.

My real concern here is the fear Destiny Church may not be structurally and financially separated from its charity work in the same way mainlainers like Prezzies and Methos are. Makes it veeeeery easy to slide some of the Whanau Ora money across to prop up the lifestyle of the good Bishop and his whanau.

Lets just make damned sure all such funds are competitively and openly tendered and veeeeeery carefully audited. None of this Bros looking after Bros, eh?

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