Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Politics, Where Does the Party End?

We have had many accusations opposing what the Labour Party and their allies see as powers behind the throne being more than just entities that offer advice on strategy, Tactics and Campaigning to their opponents.

To Wit Crosbie Textor to National, John Ansell to ACT et al.

Cameron Slater at Gotcha has published three posts giving some in depth analysis of Mike Hutcheson who is currently being used as a major input to Labour in the run up to the election.

Now this chap is somewhat radically to the right of Labour as signified by what they would want the electorate to see as their niche. His publicly uttered positions on women in business, education and climate change would, if he was on the National Team, be vociferously exploited as the true position of that party. As it is the temporary leader of the socialist grouping, apparently it is OK, just ask Trev.

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