Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Confused. Who are the bad Guys?

It has been a bad couple of days for a locke em up and tosser the keys guy such as I.

There are THREE police investigations and an IPCA review going on as we speak following the dispatch of Anthony Ratahi to a far better place.
The 46 yo was taken out with one shot after a siege lasting 13 hours at an Opunake Hotel afer he held his ex girlfriend hostage. Now this wonderful young man had only recently been released from gaol following a previous assault conviction on the same woman.

Another luvly man at present being kept in a manner he is clearly comfortable with in one of the Prison Hiltons has been awarded $3500 for hurt feelings after it was recorded he was convicted of Family Violence when in fact his lengthy list of problems with the law did not actually include domestic violence. His name was suppressed to prevent identifying his family but the man himself was described as "a notorious criminal"

To complete the trifecta, perennial anti tazer campaigner kEITH lOCKE is complaining that the wonderful equipment that has Pieces Of Shit rolling in agony on the ground instead of seriously assaulting members of the thin blue line, includes in its victims an elderly man and a teenager. He asks if alternative methods could not have been employed? Now I personally know of a 2m 120Kg teen ager who could throw that fucking MP over the crossbar of rugby gaol posts and many very fit, strong and physically capable OAPs.
Note to you, you little commie, crim cuddling tosser, the fear factor you are such a shrill about is TO PROTECT THE CONSTABULARY FROM ATTACK, and save the life of a person such as he in the first para above who will continue to cost us for some time yet. I am more than comfortable that the police dog involved was not threatened by use of a tazer.

As I said a bad couple of days.


PM of NZ said...

I can see Mr Plod still defending their actions over the first one many years down the track. Just like they had to over the last loser who went for a wander with intent and a golf club in the dead of a 'Naki night.

Anonymous said...

Lets have some facts please. If a taser goes off accidentally and hits me I'll be pissed off about it.

As for the golfer, killing someone is a big deal whether you like them or not. In that case I think there remains a reasonable debate about whether the sensible thing was done.

I don't think the plod are good enough anymore - becoming political pussies and revenue agents will do that. That does not mean there will not be outstanding individuals within the ranks but we need to pick the best, expect ethical behaviour, allow some discretion, pay them really well and flick them when they seriously cock up.