Friday, July 22, 2011

ICC Must Use Horizon Polling

You'd have to think there's something a little bit 'stink' about a survey which selects an all time great test cricket world side when it leaves out players from New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and England.

Here's the team, selected by fans using the ICC's website survey.

ICC TEST DREAM XI: Virender Sehwag (IND), Sunil Gavaskar (IND), Donald Bradman (AUS), Sachin Tendulkar (IND), Brian Lara (WIS), Kapil Dev (IND), Adam Gilchrist (AUS), Shane Warne (AUS), Wasim Akram (PAK), Curtly Ambrose (WIS), Glenn McGrath (AUS)

What about names such as Hadlee, Imran, Pollock, Tyson, Botham to name just a few.

So, dear readers, here is your next job. The Dream Teams.

Help Adolf choose a fifteen man all time best squad for each country competing in the forthcoming Test Cricket World Cup which seems likely to conclude with a 'timeless test' as a grand final. We need squads from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka and England. I think the Zimmers and the Bangers would be best to stay home on this occasion.

Kindly present your teams in comments numbered from 1 to 11, starting with the openers and finishing with the bowlers then include the names of your four replacement players.

I'll give it a go here for Australia, seeing as how I was resident and playing club cricket here during the wonderful era of the Chappels and Dennis Lillee. And by the way, I'm attempting this from memory without reverting to endless hours swotting up on Wisden but you can if you want to.

Australia (Adolf's selection)
1 Matthew Hayden 2 Sir Don Bradman 3 Greg Chappell 4 Adam Gilcrist 5 Ricky Ponting 6 Lindsay Hassett (c) 7 Dennis Lillee 8 Doug Walters 9 Glenn McGrath 10 Shane Warne 11 Brett Lee

12 Kieth Stackpole 13 Keith Millar 14 Rodney Marsh 15 Bobby Simpson

New Zealand (IV2' selection)
1 Glenn Turner 2 John Wright 3 Bert Sutcliffe 4 Martin Crowe 5 Stephen Fleming (Captain) 6 Bevan Congdon 7 Ken Wadsworth 8 Sir Richard Hadlee 9 Bruce Taylor 10 Richard Collinge 11 Hedley Howarth

12 John Bracewell 13 John R Reid 14 Dick Motz 15 Daniel Vettori

England (James Stevenson's selection)
1 Hutton 2 Hobbs 3 Hammond 4 Compton 5 Botham 6 Flintoff 7 Knott 8 Underwood 9 Laker 10 Trueman 11 Larwood

12 Gower 13 Sutcliffe 14 Russell 15 Willis

West Indies (pdm's selection)

1 Greenidge 2 Haynes 3 Headley 4 Weekes 5 Richards 6 Worrell (capt) 7 Sobers 8 Alexander 9 Gibbs 10 Ambrose 11 Holding.
12 Lloyd 13 Walcott 14 Garner 15 Marshall

There you are! Go to it.


pdm said...

I tried to post at The Sports Geek on this a couple of days ago but had trouble publishing - so here is my Best World XI:

Gavaskar, Barry Richards, Bradman, Tendulkar, Graeme Pollock, Viv Richards, Sobers, Warne, Ambrose, Holding, Tallon
And here is my NZ team from a post at The Sports Geek

Glenn Turner
Stew Dempster
Bert Sutcliffe
Martin Crowe
Martin Donnelly
John R Reid (Captain)
Ken Wadsworth - Wicket keeper)
Bill Merritt
Richard Hadlee
Shane Bond
Dick Motz

12th man
Chris Harris

Merv Wallace
Murray Chapple


Keeping Stock said...

New Zealand:

Glenn Turner
John Wright
Bert Sutcliffe
Martin Crowe
Stephen Fleming (Captain)
Bevan Congdon
Ken Wadsworth
Sir Richard Hadlee
Bruce Taylor
Richard Collinge
Hedley Howarth

John Bracewell
John R Reid
Dick Motz
Daniel Vettori

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'd hope you might have John Wright, Chris Cairns and Ewan Chatfield in your squad of fifteen.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Should read:-


I'd hope you might have John Wright, Chris Cairns and Ewan Chatfield in your squad of fifteen.

pdm said...

Adolf - John Wright is close, no room for Chatfield and no way would I have Chris Cairns ahead o f JR Reid.

Inv I am surprised you don't have room for Bond or Martin Donnelly.

Tinman said...

You're all wrong with the NZ XI but I'll do the world one.



Oh, yes, I know and yes, it was deliberate - he was an over-rated coward.

Keeping Stock said...

@ pdm - I picked my team solely from players I have actually seem playing. Chatfield was close, as was Jeremy Coney. Cairns was unavailable due to injury as was Dion Nash, and Shane Bond would have been a ringer for the one-day team, but not the longer form of the game.

And Harris in the test squad? Neh.

@ Tinman; didn't think you'd agree with #15, and he was placed there deliberately.

Anonymous said...

Ok Adolf, here's England...



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You know, it's hard to think of a more depressing prospect than a timeless test between Poms and Ockers with Boycott opening for England and Lawry for Australia.

Not for nothing was Lawry dubbed 'a corpse wearing pads' and it was noticed the only time he became animated at the crease was when a pigeon flew by.

I'll tidy up the post later and put your teams up there.

Oi!!! Where are the Yarpies and the Curry Munchers?

pdm said...

Inv - fair enough re your team. Harris is in as 12th man just ahead of JEF Beck.

Tinman - show us your NZ team and your World XI lacks a wicketkeeper - is that Sid Barnes (Aust).

JS - hard to see Botham and Flintoff at 5 and 6 in the same team ahead of PBH May, MCC Cowdrey, Lord Ted Dexter, or even Ken Barrington

pdm said...

Adolf - I think only Graeme Pollock qualifies for an all time World X1 with maybe Tayfield on the fringe but was he better than Warne, Gibbs, Laker or Underwood?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm I was looking for good Yarpie names on the fly. I defer to your deeper intellect on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Barry Richards was great.

What's with the love affair with Wadsworth? He really wasn't that good. McCullum should be the keeper in the NZ team. Vettori is a much better spinner than Howarth ever was.

A West Indies all-time side would be awesome. George Headley, Worrell, Richards, Sobers, Lara, Holding, Garner, Marshall. Man.

Tinman, anyone who's all time XI doesn't include Bradman knows shit-all about cricket.

pdm said...

anon 10.44 - Wadsworth was well on the road to greatness when Cancer took him. I don't agree re Vettori ahead of Howarth and as you probably saw I had Merritt in my NZ team.

A Windies team is a case of who to leave out - try this XI for starters:
Greenidge, Haynes, Headley, Weekes, Richards, Worrell (capt) Sobers, Alexander, Gibbs.Ambrose, Holding.

Srry, Lloyd, Walcott, Garner, Marshall and a few others

Anonymous said...

@pdm - with that top four, Beefy and Fred would be lucky if Hobbs (c) hadn't declared already, so I needed quick scorers - it's also given me six all rounders so I don't need to consider the Keeper's or bowlers' batting abilities...there's a balance of players that inspired and entertained me directly and those that were a degree of separation via the Grandfather that educated me in the game, Freddie is also the token recent era player.

Anonymous said...

The NZ team is close. I think Wadsworth can't be accurately assessed against Lees or Smith due to his sad early death. I am surprised that John Wright is not there as an opener with Richard Collinge in the quick stable.

The Windies omission to my mind was the mid-order batsman Ivan Kallicharan.

A separate on one-day players is necessary too. Cairns and Cairns and Jock Edwards! Brendon McCullum, Nathan Astle and Vettori.