Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Thought Dinosaurs Extinct

Someone has woken the Troughmaster General up again.

He has come up with a theory that high Youth unemployment rates will lead to heightened suicide rates in the young.

Without a complete study that claim is just an opinion.

One fact that is pretty obvious to me on anecdotal evidence is that the current unacceptable levels of youth unemployment rates has a disturbing correlation to the abolition of youth pay rates.

As a past employer it is a complete no brainer that faced with a choice between a person just out of school and a more mature person with a work history I would be very unlikely to give the chance to the youth over the older one.

Of course the silly old bugger would not break ranks with the socialist mantra that all are equal even if some like him, are more equal than others.

I am aware that the dopey old man has had to face the tragedy of his child taking her own life and for that I am sympathetic, however unless he will accept that the current high rates may have its genisis in a false premise such as the artificial attempt to raise the value of labour then I would suggest he goes back to his irrelevance.


Andrei said...

I don't know GD, there is a well established correlation of suicide with unemployment.

pdm said...

GD at the risk of being churlish you might want to change unexceptable to unacceptable - para4.

Anonymous said...

"I am aware that the dopey old man has had to face the tragedy of his child taking her own life and for that I am sympathetic..."

Yeah, you really sound it. As for dopey old men, you'd know all about them I guess.

JC said...

And its deeper than that Andre..

Even in 2007/08 some 16% of youth were unemployed, which indicates these kids aren't ready for work even in good times. Add in minimum wages and the deck is stacked even worse against them. In Northland its currently 50% youth unemployment, so Maori, undereducated and overpriced for the market.

Short term you can remove the minimum wage but longer term those kids have to stay at school longer and actually achieve something. The silly damn thing is if they go before the Beak some of them will be diverted into forestry training schemes where their chances of getting a job can soar.


gravedodger said...

Andrei accepted, but I see Youth suicide as a much more complex problem and I don't deny a possible connection, however I do suggest he is just looking for a headline.

pdm always grateful, I admitted my early and ongoing problems with english as she is taught, at Ele's yesterday. Stupid as spell checker was on when I corrected it.

Anonymouse 09 17, get fucked until you can learn to personalise your inanity.

JC good points.

Thanx to most for taking the time to come by whether you agree or not.

Anonymous said...

Anderton faces the curse of most old politicians in that he's getting to the end of a career and realising he's achieved nothing that really improved us. Looking at my own life I'm probably no different but at least I can say I paid my own way to mediocrity.