Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hinewai pics

This is the Southern front ending in the gully the remnant bush is beech and a few bits of fuschia with the Eastern front middle distance.

The strike occurred on the knob behind the chopper and at 1400 Tues was a horseshoe from just to the right of the chopper down to about where the bucket is and left to the small rock outcrop on the ridgeline left margin.

Sorry about the quality but this map shows the boundary and the lower 1/3 inside the red line was all burnt.
This shows where the fire was put out on the Western front at around 1300 Wed after many many buckets of water were dumped and only slightly delayed the progress, as it slowly burnt to the boundary into the wind.

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Again apologies, this was taken at about 0930 Wed and shows the Northern front that had self extinguished over night, the only fire still burning is to the right.

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