Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hes a Norwegian Blue.

Just when we had adjusted to polls that ignored the devious little dwarf of duplitious politics. He pops up again.

I accept that Helun Klark would still register on the consciousness of those struggling to stay current as their mental faculties fail,albeit up there with P G Goff,(what does that tell us), but the Pinstripe Clad Chameleon?

His latest brain fart, withhold welfare from citizens who decline to cooperate with those investigating child abuse.
Now the most significant case where stonwalling the police in a case such as this, the tragic end for the twin babies of Chris Kahui and Macsyna King would have been brought to success, just how exactly Mr Peters. Starve them, dehydrate them, cause them to succumb due to drug withdrawal.

The dopey idiots in the media give it oxygen, when the demented old fool thinks that his BF is a solution.

Ees not dead ees just restin, FFS let him and his Scotch preserved brain RIP

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