Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Thinks Others Should be Forced to Fund Him?

Just caught an Interview by Susan Wood (for Hosking) of Logan Edgar the wannabe socialist who apparently is the president of OUSA, on Newstalk ZB.

When asked about the level of support for his totally pointless and ineffective stunt, from the student body, there was just an embarrassing silence. After a reasonable time Susan rephrased the question and received more hesitation, a splutter, two ahs and then the predictable response that students who didn't contribute "might" gain benefits.

The robotic tiny brained political wannabe hadn't even mastered the necessary ability to give the standard lefty response that has been employed by generations of leeches to justify their legislated rort.


Anonymous said...

I heard this twat also.
If he is representative of the academic quality that comes out of our places of higher learning, God help us all, the twerp came across as an unintelligable moron, barely able to string 3 words together. He also proved the case for VSM quite nicely I thought.

Anonymous said...

Student Unions exist for one reason alone: A nursery for Labour MPs. They are institutions which champion mindless leftie filth.


Anonymous said...

See, you bring about the end of everything left by making the beeding grounds self supporting. Students generally will support it if its sensible and adds value.

Gone by lunchtime then?