Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Great Soil Test

Adolf and his trusty field assistant (The Cook) have this day completed a soil pH test on the newly planted spud patch down the back of the yard.

Had I not had prior information from a local agronomist, I might have died of shock.

The result was around the 8.2 mark.

For God knows how long, Adolf has been dealing with the age old problem of acidic soils in NZ where one spends a fortune on lime and attempts to drag shitty clay ridden soils up from somewhere in the high 4s and low 5s to a respectable 5.8 or thereabouts, and preferably 6.1. It is this range which allows soil microbes the best opportunity to do their thing and release all the locked up soil nutrients which are just lurking there, waiting to be used for free.

Apparently the soils on the Adelaide plain (We are just off the edge of the plain and slightly elevated.) are comprised of uplifted seabed - hence their high natural alkalinity. You don't see much pastoral farming - pretty much all fruit, vegies and nuts.

That's good news for Adolf who now can scatter with gay abandon on his spud patch and his lawn, vast quantities of sulphate of ammonia and Nitrophoska Blue, both purchased from said agronomist for $2/kg and with luck the pH will drop back a little.

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