Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Shape, Eh?

PM Key reckons his damn fool ETS is in good shape because it costs NZ households less that Carbon Julia's tax costs Australian households.

"But I think we're actually in good shape -- we have an emissions trading scheme which currently costs the average household I think about $160 or $180 a year," he said.

"The Australian scheme is proposing to cost Australian households $560 a year, so as you can see New Zealand's doing quite well."

Let's see what sort of shape it's in after the inevitable snap election and repeal of the carbon tax by Tony Abbott's Liberals.



Anonymous said...



mawm said...

Like Gillard, Key has NO MADATE to make changes such as the ETS, foreshore, indiginous rights treaties, etc.

These are irrevokable changes made against the wishes of people who have voted for them as their representatives in government. Both "leaders" should be strung up for these treasonous acts.

And the fact that the National Party will NOT step in and stop him has ensured that never again will I vote for them. I'm only one vote (not really as the rest of my family are following suit)….

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Steady there, Mawn.

Well that's alright. Off you go and vote for some real extremists.

Just for the moment there's plenty of choice:-

The current encumbents at ACT
Winston First
Mana Maori

Where do you think you'll fit, eh?

mawm said...

Well Adolf, the other choices are Tax-and-spend, and Tax-even-more-and-spend-even-more. At least Labour's beneficiaries were not selected on race.

Remember the voters drawn back to National by Brash's Orewa speech? Let's wait and see, shall we.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mawn, you're gonna be waiting a long time. That was then and now is now.

When your Messiah fails to arise from the grave, to whom are you going to turn?

John The Baptist?

mawm said...

Adolf…I don't have a messiah. What I do not support is a party that gets elected standing for some principles which it discards at the first opportunity.

Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me. National have had thier chance.

Anonymous said...

That's funny Adolf. The best of a bad buch becomes acceptable? I think they are simply not good enough to vote for so will abstain again. I don't expect to get what I would really like but I'd settle for some balls and ethics.

I think mawm is right.

In respect of the carbon tax its meant to be cost neutral for consumers because of tax tinkering elsewhere. If its not going to save the planet what the heck is the point?

Anonymous said...

Good shape? What the blazes does this sinister little man mean by that? I don't think for a minute that Key believes the global warming hysteria but it is nice to get his hands on the carbon taxes. The National Party is a caricature of a sophist, conniving, principle-devoid set of chameleons as you would find anywhere. The Maori Party are a devious two-faced rabble; they have their own interests at heart, not NZ's. Labour is like a rabbit that has been clipped by a car, running around concussed in directionless frantic motion waiting for the next vehicle to do it in. I fart in your blue party's direction Adolf. They make me sick.

mawm said...

Phew Adolf! Hoist on your own petard. Life's a bitch.

Mort said...

its a Clayton's choice, indeed the choice Key has thrust upon us is tantamount to getting ass-raped by a 12inched cock as opposed to being gang raped by 20 5inch muslim cocks

neither proposition leaves you as the winner, indeed you will probably be stoned to death by the muslims afterwards as you compelled them to butt-plug you because you are a devious homosexual infidel

Anonymous said...

lets frame the debate properly. Its a Carbon Dioxide tax, not a "carbon" tax.
Dont be sucked in by Gillard and co trying to deceive you by making it look like soot (dirty pollutant that it is) is being taxed, cause it aint.
They are taxing a harmless trace gas which makes up only 392 parts per million of our atmosphere and they still dont know how much of that man emits and they dodge the essential question " how much will this tax reduce the temperature?"

Anonymous said...

Adolf, you are so transparent.
Key could eat kittens and you would still applaud the man.
Talk about love being blind eh.


Agree with Mawn, Key's actions are unmandated and somewhat treasonous.
NZ is now a great big Banana republic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 12.40

Well off you go too and vote for Mana or something.

Ackers said...

Problem is Adolf, there aint going to be no 'snap election'

What fool politician would risk such a thing if they were Gillard?

How do you propose Tony can force such a thing?

It aint gonna happen, Gillard has the numbers to get this legislation through.

Democracy is a bitch yes?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Funny thing is Ackers, Gough Witlam thought the same thing.

Mort said...

but the likelihood of the current Australian GG calling a double dissolution is infinitesimal, she is one of the retards who actually support the wealth raping affects of the Giltard's policies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mort, she won't be GG if her S in L becomes PM.

The odds are shortening, old chap.

Mort said...

does shorten have the numbers to depose Giltard? How strongly will the Victorian Mining unions support him given the focus Labor currently have in closing thousands of workers' job sites?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mort, I really don't know. It seems he is being seriously considered.

You have identified the very reason the unions WILL support him. They will force a reversal of the madness.

Every picture I have seen of Gillard and her entourage since Sunday shows the same thing. Gillard with her nose in the air while Swan and Shorten look like a pair of old Brahmin bulls walking up the race to an Indonesian slaughter house. They can smell the blood and it's their own.