Friday, July 15, 2011

Goff must give up Comedy

The Temporary leader of the Labour Party don't do comedy that well.

Three things from what I have gleaned from his momentous announcement strike me as poor attempts at humour.

First Why exempt collectables and jewelery, duh, he is their great toanga eh.

Second I saw no mention of inflation in his grand plan, just a rather significant feeling of total deflation.

Did he really exempt Christchurch from being included in the Tax grab for five years. Will that be from yesterday, the date he finally convinces enough muppets to fulfil his wet dream or what. Will it be for those who lived here on Sept 4th, Have moved here to help, Have moved away because their home is wrecked, will come here while they build their asset base.

Make that four. WTF was Whale on about yesterday with his post on all the things relative to the big announcement at West Pac Cake Tin that will be decided by "A PANEL OF EXPERTS".

And the Herald called it "A Bold Move", that I would have expected from the Substandard, oh silly me.


alex Masterely said...

Bold is the wrong word to describe the policy. "Timid" is more descriptive of the policy.

smttc said...

And don't forget the proposal will at least half the amount of tax property developers and share traders will pay. i would say they think that it is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

There is a comment on inflation but its subtle. The whole CGT concept is a tax on inflation.This is shown when you look at the purchasing power of gold vs paper currencies. An oz of gold buys pretty much the same or more tangible stuff (not fiat paper currency) today as it did 2000 years ago.