Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gillard's Next Stop

A nice cruise on the Adelaide river, south of Darwin.

Her caucus awaits. It's a salt water caucus, of course.

Abbot now is five points ahead on PPM and nudging 50% for primary party vote.


James said...

That popping up beside me would cure any constipation issues I feel. :-o

Anonymous said...

AUSTRALIANS have given the carbon tax the thumbs down, with 68 per cent saying it will leave them worse off and 63 per cent calling for Julia Gillard to bring on an early election.

The exclusive Galaxy Poll for the Herald Sun - the first major survey since the release of the carbon tax package on Sunday - also found 60 per cent of voters opposed the tax, 29 per cent were in favour and 11 per cent undecided.

Only 10 per cent of voters said they would be better off and only 28 per cent believe Ms Gillard has a mandate to introduce the tax without holding another election.

The poll reveals 62 per cent of people think the Greens, who negotiated the package with Labor and the independents, have too much influence over the Government…

It finds 81 per cent believe the carbon tax will have little or no impact on the environment and 67 per cent believe it will be bad for the economy ...


Janet Albrechtsen also wants to know what possible good all this pain will gain:

One question still left unanswered, PM, is this: how will your carbon policy affect global temperatures?...

Australia is responsible for less than 2 per cent of global emissions. Isn’t it the height of political hubris to imagine that anything 22 million people - in a world of almost seven billion - do will lead to less global warming? After all, your Climate Change Commissioner, Tim Flannery, told us in March that “if the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow . . . the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop for several hundred years, perhaps over 1000 years”.