Thursday, July 21, 2011

Divorce is Rarely Nice.

That Tiger Woods would part company with Steve Williams was always about when and never if.

That Williams feels let down is no surprise.

The one edge Woods enjoyed was clearly the way Williams kept the servant master relationship alive for nearly 13 years and particularly during the last few, with the unraveling of the master's personal life
That became a strength for Woods. When that professionalism is backdropped by the close friendship that developed between their wives it mirrored so much of the pain of the everyday matrimonial split.

Just how much of Woods success was attributable to Williams will never be known but my guess is a considerable one and time will tell as long as Woods seriously continues with the struggle. Having jettisoned the Missus, the Coach and now the Caddie he is coming ever closer to having to confront his own demons.

Rarely does the separation come without hurt, betrayal, and recriminations and the way Steve Williams handled himself during Tigers troubles was, to me admirable and his hurt is palpable. I am certain he will give Adam Scott great service. Whether it blossoms into something great is in the future but one thing is for sure it has good possibilities.

How long before That person who did so much to grow the professional game of golf ever approaches anything great again is a guess but I wonder if there is anyone to carry the clubs again as well as Steve Williams did.

Golf is regarded by most as an individuals sport, but here we see that there is much of the team about the modern game and Robbie Deans Mantra about the spelling of the word team is about to be tested.


pdm said...

Excellent GD. Perhaps Woods will go back to Fluff Cowan.

gravedodger said...

Nah pdm she could only carry his putter in a cart, never the bag with the balls and tease.

Keeping Stock said...

Williams' biggest asset was that he would challenge Tiger, who was otherwise surrounded by yes-men. There is a huge level of mutual respect; both men are fastidious in their preparation and decisive in their execution. Tiger's loss will be the making of Adam Scott.

Anonymous said...

Williams says his wife is still close friend's with Tigger's ex. If divorced couples are behaving as is usual I bet that was the nail in the coffin.

pdm said...

GD you probaby know this but Fluff Cowan is male and was Tigers caddy before he took Williams on board.

Maybe you were thinking of Faldo's `Fanny ?' who is now caddying for one of the Swedes I think.

WAKE UP said...

It's only bloody golf !

gravedodger said...

Thanks for the heads up pdm, I wrongly assumed with a name like fluff it was a waitress.

@ wake up, the space shuttle was only a bloody airplane,

The Veteran said...

Inventory2 10.01 .... your post drills down into the heart of the matter.

Happy to be proved wrong but I'm not sure now that Tiger will ever again will a PGA Tour event let alone a Major.

The Veteran said...

errrrrrrrrrrr 'win' not 'will'.

bloody spell checker - me.