Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colmar Brunton - Updated

The results are in and they are devastating for Labour and for Phil Goff. A gigantic party vote decline of seven points to just 27%.

Mallard is spinning this like hell as a ‘pre CGT’ poll but he’s been hoist by his own petard. They released the policy before the poll was taken and by the time people were questioned, they had all the detail they needed to give it and its perpetrators the big thumbs down.

ONE News political editor Guyon Espiner said with media reports widely signalling the capital gains tax in the preceding week it is hard to argue that the policy didn't have an impact.

If by some remote chance Mallard is right, he can only expect the decline to accelerate as more and more people find out what a gigantic hoax this half arsed ‘there you have it now you don’t’ new tax and how it will impact on their job security, interest costs, rental costs etc. Just watch as Roy Morgan comes rocketing home next week.

So, Labour is trying to sell its capital gains tax as an alternative to National’s State Asset Renewal programme. They might as well because the nearest their 27% taro munchers and P riddled dole bludgers in Porirua and Mangere will ever get to owning an asset is the Family Pack down at KFC.

I’m very pleased to see ACT and the Maori Party doing well, both posting healthy increases in their party vote percentages, apparently at the expense of Labour. Maybe Adolf was right with his strategic advice to both minor parties to target a couple of issues hard.


A most astute commenter,Phil, over at Dim Post wonders how much of the swing from Labour to Greens can be attributed to Russel Norman's personal performance.

Quite a lot, I'd say. I've been watching him for a while during Question Time in the house and he performs in a statesman like manner and with all the confidence of a leader. He's actually doing the heavy lifting and scoring some hits on the Gnats while Goff looks and sounds like something they found out the back of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and is about as effective.


Anonymous said...

"The nearest their 27% taro munchers and P riddled dole bludgers in Porirua and Mangere will ever get to owning an asset is the Family Pack down at KFC."

What is it about clapped out, mediocre, impotent old white men that makes them such assholes do you think?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Largely hand wringing blouses who write stupid comments on their blogs. They can be relied upon to bite EVERY time.

Mort said...

haha if you call being reliant on the Govt for your retirement, health and education needs then I Guess you have arrived Anon. You're so successful and merit laden that you can't even think of a posting name.
What's harmless is the gumming attacks you call an argument, why is it that the left always reverts to playing the man instead of arguing the principles? The principle here being that Labour have shot themselves in the foot with a tax that is being seen for what it is, an envy theft regime; one that will drive Capital offshore, to countries where capital is appreciated, like Singapore, Hong Kong etc, places that aren't drowning in Welfarism

Anonymous said...

The issue I have with the CGT is straightforward: It is yet another instance of double taxation. When one is developing an asset one funds it from income which is net of income tax. Therefore if it is sold and CGT is applied to the sale proceeds there is a double clout.
If Income Tax rates were reduced to (say) a maximum of 15% it may be a feasible option, but as usual Labour hasn't done the sums. The scheme proposed by them requires additional debt not less debt. It is a pointless envy driven attack on enterprise.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're quite right Faversham

Even though I supported the introduction of a CGT during the property boom as a means of reducung the ardour of speculators, it most certainly IS a double taxation. But then again, there are plenty of others. GST is double taxation because you've already paid income tax on the money you spend to incur GST.