Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A bouquet to the Boards of the National and ACT Parties for their give and take over the selection of Paul Goldsmith to campaign solely for the Party vote in Epsom giving John Banks a clear run for the seat. If as reported the qpq is for ACT to stand aside in both New Plymouth and Waimakariri, increasing the chances of Jonathan Young retaining New Plymouth for National and clearing the way for the odious Clayton Cosgrove to be knocked of his perch in Waimakariri, then more power to their elbows and it matters not a jot that Little and Cosgrove complain about a stitch up. This folks is MMP in maturing action and the word is that Labour and the Greens are well advanced on similar deals.

A bouquet too to the ACT Board in dumping Ancell for his hate speech rhetoric. ACT is far far better than that. It simply does not need to go down the path of Maori bashing emulating Winston First whose anti Asian campaign triggered a wave of xenophobia that was an embarrassment for New Zealand. ACT should be there arguing for reduced government. better spending and choices. They do that well. Playing the race card is divisive and unnecessary. Well done ACT.

A brickbat though for Don Brash. He has many great qualities. But political nous is not one of them and his latest musings that ACT may choose to sit on the cross-benches is proof positive of that. So now we have John Banks campaigning that he wants to be part of a John Key led National/ACT Government and his leader cutting the ground from under his feet. That will have many ACT members tearing their hair out and the mixed message sent to Epsom voters isn't smart politics.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a banker!

And I was chastised some weeks ago by Matthew Hooton for referring to him as 'Dr Dork'?

He hasn't yet worked out that a political party is not The reserve Bank.

WWallace said...

@Veteran have you actually read John Ansell's blog? Try this entry for starters. Do you have a problem with any of the facts presented?

Here is a extract:

So you are opposed to Maori?

No I’m not. I’m opposed to Maori who are opposed to Maori by thinking they need to be indulged with other people’s money.

I’m talking to two Maori right now and we seem to be getting on all right, don’t we? At least I think so. What I’m opposed to is the Maorification of my country.

And what exactly do you mean by Maorification?

I mean the creeping separatism that would have New Zealand become two countries instead of one.

And it’s been creeping a lot faster under the Key government.

What separatism?

Well, for example, we’ve now got separate unelected Maori boards to advise the Auckland council.

Hone Harawira wants a separate Maori Parliament.

We’ve got Maori thinking they’ve got a superior right to manage the plants and animals of our country.

And that they can tell farmers that they can’t cut scrub if it happens to be indigenous. (When Maori themselves are hardly indigenous.)

Maori should not have these rights. Any more than Pakeha should have sole rights to the things they brought here like cloth and paper and metal.

There should be only one law, and it should apply to all of us.

[end quote]

The Veteran said...

WWallace ... it wasn't me that fired him. It was a jury of his peers in the ACT Party and who am I to argue with them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It would serve the Good Dr right if Aaron Bahtnager took him at his word and decided to stand in Epsom as an Independent National, pledging coalition support for the National Party.

Absolutely hilarious if he formed his own party and brought in two MPs.