Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Blokes Dinner

On Thursday SWMBO and a friend took the Bally's Bus to Timaru.

With their iconic CBD store in a bit of trouble following the seismic hiccups of recent times J Ballentyne &Co have been running bus trips to their Timaru store to keep a connection with their army of clients in Christchurch and North Canterbury. Runnning two or sometimes three coaches two and three times a week with a roundtrip ticket at $20, they have been very well supported, booked weeks ahead.

With the inclement weather, SWMBO and a mate went into the city on Wed for Thurs and didn't make Paradise again till Friday night, after what was described as a great day out with Ballys.

Well old Gravedodger who misses the diningroom at the Masterton Club where dining weekly with other boring old farts was a treasured activity, took the absence of the controller of the house as an opportunity to have a dinner with three old mates on Thursday evening.

Starting with oreganum pumkin soup garnished with a bit of parsley and a dash of cream followed by an entree of Crayfish Mornay.
Main was Corned beef with mustard sauce, mash potatoes, sauteed brusselsprouts, carrots julienne and mashed Southland swede.
Dessert, a cheese board with a Whitestone blue, a Kapiti Brie and an aged cheddar with a nice Port or three.
A great 6 hours of yarns, lies, fellowship and food all cleaned up and shipshape by 00 30

Thanks to my Three good mates sorry to the other two couldn't make it.
And a big thankyou to Jim Ballantyne.

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The Veteran said...

mouth watering and have, on occasions, enjoyed the Masterton Club too.