Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beware The Old Bushie Who Votes

Yesterday Adolf was out on his front lawn, contemplating the next move in the 'low maintenance' garden. The day was one of four in a row five to fourteeners. It was a bit cold.

The old bloke from just up the road came over for a yarn. He'd be late seventies if he's a day and I got the whole life story. A wide variety of occupations including managing a fruit packing shed up the Murray and thirty years operating 500 bee hives out in the wops somewhere where there used to be a good little town with a railway station but now it's all gone and everything goes by truck.

The conversation turned to politics, as it always does, and Adolf was unwise enough to provide some pro bono opinion on the present comedy from Canberra.

The old boy was remarkably well informed on climate change matters. Not for him the bullshit of Gore, Garnaud and Glugman.

He leaned in close and with a conspiratorial nudge in the ribs said:- 'Yer know, the Missus doesn't foller politics but by jeezers the other day she said to me 'Someone shoulda shot the bitch by now!'

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, "shot the bitch". Genius! Man that's wit eh? Bet you just cracked up! Assassination! Wow.