Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be Sure The Seals Are Intact Phil

I note Poor old Phil is poorly as the revived Fairfax Poll is released.

Be vigilent when they medicate you Phil, all pills to be in the foil, all the remedies in a sealed bottle, remember the "Rs"
Right Patient
Right medication
Right dose
Right route
Right Timing,

Then there are the "Cs"
Clear, correct dose, current date, correct med.

An old Labour leader was dying and his colleagues were gathered.
One, a David, was very cut up and with tears streaming down his face said to Phil "don't worry you have led a very long and loyal life in the Party, you have earned the right to rest easy".
Phil was not comforted and he tried to rise, started to mouth words. David reassured him but Phil mumbled "I must confess".
"No just rest dear leader",
"No I must admit the truth, I didn't really think the CGT idea was that great.
"Hush" said David "we knew that, thats why we gave you the Poison, just let it go and rest easy"


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And I really really want your chainsaw!

Medusa said...

Your Blogroll *right* has disappeared

Medusa said...

Now it's back