Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apologies, It Did Look Bad.

I am just back in Paradise after 48 hours in the snow of the foothills helping a mate.

Just prior to leaving on Sunday I posted on Sweden and my opening para suggested Confusion between that Nation and Norway.

The point of the post that I published without Proofreading, was the Link to an excellent post on her Blog by Lindsay Mitchell who was inexplicably to me, given an un-winnable position on the ACT list but is a gem when discussion is raised on Welfare in NZ and she is always a good read on Politics in General.

I fell into a similar hole when under time constraint days earlier I posted a link to an item at Homepaddock, on that occasion I was chastised for a really horrible sentence construct.
Surprisingly on both occasions my main critics were members of the clearly very numerous Anonymous family. The sloppy posts were poor form and would have detracted from the importance of the posts I was linking to, so for that sloppy work I apologise.

Following a heads up from a fellow member of our team which I only received on regaining access to the net, I agree my post did portray a clear confusion between Norway and Sweden. My lack of clarity referred to the kinship of two neighbouring countries who share a border of some
1500 Kms. The careless linkage was no more the feelings of kinship I felt with the shootings in Tasmania that is still quite raw in my Psyche.

I sincerely hope my careless writing and poor form did not stop anyone from taking the trip to L M"s thought provoking blogsite.

My apologies to my fellow bloggers at No Minister for my lapse in standards.


Rob Carr said...

I was going to point it out but had already been beaten to it by an anonymous poster so didn't see the point.

Even had it been the right country it is a bad taking advantage of the situation in Norway to use it to promote the post in the way you did or appeared to do.

Anonymous said...

Don't apologise.

In the scheme of the world's malaise it seems so trivial an issue to pick a hole in (when you were clearly talking about Sweden and weren't confused) I wouldn't have thought it worth a comment.

While Norway is a tragedy so are millions starving in Africa, Mugabe's rule, ethnic cleansing and so on. That they may seem somehow less news worthy shows how we associate western comfort with never having to face a violent end at the hand of someone we don't know for no reason other than being labelled a leftie. Alas Smith & Jones did an excellent skit on the scale of world disaters with millions dead in a calamity less important that the one Englishman with a broken thumb (or something like that).

Andrei said...

It's a hazard of blogging old chum, you mess up sometimes

kevin said...

Anyway... is your mate on the hill farm sorted?

Barnsley Bill said...

No need to apologise, just send the bottles of Johnnie Walker to your co-bloggers and we will say nothing more about it.

gravedodger said...

So Rob Carr @ 2 40 Could I have your take on the corpse cuddling on the steps of The Parliament on the "News" tonight with all those red balloons and just by chance the cameras were there to record it all including the gushing Adern J MP.

A very quiet, reflective and moving tribute to a section of the victims of Norway's tragedy.

Just take your time.

gravedodger said...

Oh and Barnsley, My natural frugal attitude to things of value in Glass would prevent me risking the freight option.

However if Grants is acceptable you would be most welcome to my Chateau in Alzhiemers Valley anytime to partake of a few snorts and Slangevar to you.


For much of Norway's history, Norway was run by Sweden or was in a union with Sweden.

Rob Carr said...

I was at said "corpse cuddling". Young Labour organised it when we found out when the caucus meeting was so we could pay tribute to our sister organisation in Norway. Yes they were not every person who died but we share a special bond with them which we want to recognise. Several in Young Labour will be mourning those they know personally from the IUSY conference each year which some of our members are currently at. Jacinda was IUSY president for two years not too long ago and would have known a lot of the people at that summer camp. In the speeches we also gave tribute to those who died in the bombings not merely just those in Young Labour though and they were in our thoughts so it was not exclusively for the AUF that we paid tributes.

We were not aware the media would be there although that is not to say a caucus member didn't alert them. I think it being recorded is a good thing as it allows more people who might be affected by the shootings/bombing to know they are in our thoughts. We have other private messages that are also being sent to the friends/family of the victims also which are not going to be going on air any time soon.

gravedodger said...

Rob, I didn't "time"Lindsay's post.
I didn't use the Tragedy to promote anything.
I referenced my linking to L M with a passing observation of the unfolding tragedy which became much more serious following my posting.
I didn't just have the Media happen by.
Were the steps of parliament and the balloons more appropriate than say a caucus room where the respect, the memories and the tribute would be more palpable.

Someone Might have alerted them!!!
Do you seriously think that all that setup just happened, come on.
It was an opportunity to get on the network news and looking for a top spot.
"I took advantage of the situation in Norway", Jesus wept.

free online Mahjong games said...

I think it being recorded is a good thing as it

Rob Carr said...

Steps of Parliament and Red Balloons were YL's ideas as a way to be involved. We are doing another red balloon fund raiser later this year...You may not be aware but members of the youth wing are not actually MPs and don't generally attend caucus. We were taking our own photos of the event which we are mailing to the AUF which is why a symbolic thing like the release of balloons was used.

As I mentioned before the impetus to do a joint commemoration of Young Labour and the MPs came from Young Labour and any decision to invite media came after planning. We are not in the business of planning such things merely to get media coverage as you appear to be suggesting.

gravedodger said...

Rob, I am still a little mystified as to how you claim my acknowledgment of Norway's Tragedy in my setting the link to another blog was "taking advantage " when a large, clearly signaled to the media show on the steps of Parliament was OK with you as completely acceptable.
Alright for your Mates but NOT OK FOR A BLOGGER OF A DIFFERENT TRIBE, is that what you mean.

Sheesh you even had the departing leader there with his head between his knees wishing it would all go away. Had he been given a heads up on the coming Fairfax Poll.

jogos friv said...

it is being recorded is a good thing as it :D