Sunday, July 10, 2011

Act 2

Not sure what ACT are trying to prove.
They are turning what should be a dream run into the election into a dog's breakfast.
They've got a pretty easy strategy to implement but where are the smart tactics.

I would say that they have tried to drag too much mileage out of the race card and it was pretty painful milage to watch.

Now focus on the more important stuff - how to cut the size of government and give NZ some chance of a prosperous future.
Labour and National are going to spend the rest of the year arguing how to increase the tax take.

Let ACT sell NZ an alternative economic future.

One where we don't have to borrow $300m a week to pay the bills.

Previous government's policies have been just as responsible for driving up land prices and hence give potential capital gains as anyone. When urban land is so tightly regulated by a pack of bureaucrats of course the price is going to go up and some will profit.

If we go broke as a country it won't much matter what colour we are, only how much we all owe and to whom.


robertguyton said...

Too late.
They've died.

Anonymous said...

If the ad on the weekend goes the way of the Orewa speech we will see significant interest in Act. All the wailing & gnashing of teath from the politically correct are providing exactly the coverage Act needs to reach members of the public that don't read the herald.

I think the sentiment in the ad is spot on, just the execution was woeful. However that is irrelevant as it appears to be succeding in being noticed.


Anonymous said...

I think it needs to be said. If Rangi Walker hates it it must be good. Ignoring the issue seems worse and dooms us to the dark age of tribalism with the inherent violence that seems to foster.

Lib said...

ACT might be at risk turning their backs on a record party vote for minor parties.

Sad thing that Ansell parted company.

Now Don has no choice, he must back the ads, or face ACT-ending flip flop accusations. Great news that he must follow this course.

kehua said...

Wankers are the modern day equivilent to the McGullicuddy`s

pdm said...

I read somewhere over the weekend, possibly a comment at Kiwiblog that there is mileage in focusing on the RMA.

Perhaps that should be another plank for them - they only need 3 to 5 main issues and I suggest:
1. One Law for all.
2. Foreshore and Seabed
3. RMA
4 Size of Government
5 Reduced Tax rates.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Foreshaw and Seabed is a dead issue until some pack of Bros gets a ruling and kicks a couple of honkies off the beach. That won't happen for ten years and then whoever is in gummint will quickly legislate the bros back into their Nikau whare.

The real issue is the ETS. That's the one that hurts now.

Mort said...

actually Adolf, I think you are right on this one. The way to push it thru is to play follow the leader when Abbott relegates Giltard from the pulpit to the cemetary of Australian politics. But Jonkey has no intention of depriving his tax and spend 350b per week too much, he thinks this is the get out jail free card. Instead of actually doing something productive and trimming the waste, and tackling real issues like phasing in Superannuation to make it affordable.