Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am struck by the parallels that exist between Winston First and the (self appointed) Bishop Brian Tamaki.

Both are seen by their followers as new age Messiahs (although in Winston's case insert 'old' before 'new').

Both leaders disregard conventional norms.

Both require unquestioning obedience of their acolytes.

Both are a cult.

Both exhibit scant regard to financial ethics (one rorts the State; the other rorts its followers).

Both would sell their grandmothers to achieve/retain power.

Both are wedded to 'do as I say' rather than 'do as I do'.

Need I go on?

And sometime in the future (soon) both will disappear into the dustbin of history as their supporters realise the emperor is indeed stark bollocking naked.

Hes a Norwegian Blue.

Just when we had adjusted to polls that ignored the devious little dwarf of duplitious politics. He pops up again.

I accept that Helun Klark would still register on the consciousness of those struggling to stay current as their mental faculties fail,albeit up there with P G Goff,(what does that tell us), but the Pinstripe Clad Chameleon?

His latest brain fart, withhold welfare from citizens who decline to cooperate with those investigating child abuse.
Now the most significant case where stonwalling the police in a case such as this, the tragic end for the twin babies of Chris Kahui and Macsyna King would have been brought to success, just how exactly Mr Peters. Starve them, dehydrate them, cause them to succumb due to drug withdrawal.

The dopey idiots in the media give it oxygen, when the demented old fool thinks that his BF is a solution.

Ees not dead ees just restin, FFS let him and his Scotch preserved brain RIP

Interesting Stuff

Mankind has achieved quite a bit of interesting stuff over the years.
Disregarding the occassional war we’ve managed to raise our overall standard of living to levels never before seen.
But we have built on the quicksand of paper money.
When we base our “wealth” on a piece of printed paper, then we are truly at the mercy of our collective behaviour.
Some people want to print more of it
Others are very adept at gathering it
Some rely on being given it
Others want to borrow it
Some want to lend it
Others want to decide how it is distributed
Some have received it but produced nothing of value in return
Others want to steal it
Some want to give it away
But what really counts is the only real fact.
Compounding interest.
One day we will awake only to discover that we can no longer produce enough real stuff to cover the mortgage
Now that will be interesting

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Blokes Dinner

On Thursday SWMBO and a friend took the Bally's Bus to Timaru.

With their iconic CBD store in a bit of trouble following the seismic hiccups of recent times J Ballentyne &Co have been running bus trips to their Timaru store to keep a connection with their army of clients in Christchurch and North Canterbury. Runnning two or sometimes three coaches two and three times a week with a roundtrip ticket at $20, they have been very well supported, booked weeks ahead.

With the inclement weather, SWMBO and a mate went into the city on Wed for Thurs and didn't make Paradise again till Friday night, after what was described as a great day out with Ballys.

Well old Gravedodger who misses the diningroom at the Masterton Club where dining weekly with other boring old farts was a treasured activity, took the absence of the controller of the house as an opportunity to have a dinner with three old mates on Thursday evening.

Starting with oreganum pumkin soup garnished with a bit of parsley and a dash of cream followed by an entree of Crayfish Mornay.
Main was Corned beef with mustard sauce, mash potatoes, sauteed brusselsprouts, carrots julienne and mashed Southland swede.
Dessert, a cheese board with a Whitestone blue, a Kapiti Brie and an aged cheddar with a nice Port or three.
A great 6 hours of yarns, lies, fellowship and food all cleaned up and shipshape by 00 30

Thanks to my Three good mates sorry to the other two couldn't make it.
And a big thankyou to Jim Ballantyne.

That was a Hiding

All Blacks 40 Boks 7.
Man of the match between 3 Hurricanes Jane, Nonu and Hoare.
Williams (Ali) much improved.
Weepu strangely distracted.
Sonny Bill Who?
Wyatt Crocket, keep that up and Woodcock will struggle.
Afoa, was that the briefest AB appearance ever?, bugger.
Was that Maa Nonu's best game in Black?
Was Carter off song or was that very difficult wind? Pity Steyn didn't get a chance to show us.
Do the ABs have the greatest depth in the professional era and we havn't got our top 20 in a rehab camp?
Was Skinstat on the money with his comparison of the AB structured game against two long range tries by the Wallabies a week ago?
Was that one of the better games by a northern hemisphere ref in recent times?
Was that one of the most consistent backline efforts in the face of 3 major reshuffles?

Lancaster Park, Fate or Future?

Fairfax News has asked the question and Inventory2 has posted on what is the future of this, another of our City's venues.

The Queen Elizabeth 2nd complex, including the athletics and the olympic pool built for the 1974 Commonwealth Games at Burwood was "Munted" as was the artificial turf as HQ for Canterbury Hockey, Porritt Park and the Kerr's Reach Rowing venue.
Wilding Park HQ for Tennis at Avonside another casualty and today the rumors are growing that The Grand old Lancaster Park will not survive.

Information on what is now called AMI stadium is sketchy to say the least.
VBase a wholly owned subsidiary of The City Council, the operator of the park along with other venues, was wound up recently and the remaining staff under CEO Bryan Pearson were gagged from commenting on a report not yet released but which I understand has been circulated to some interested parties.
The Crusaders board are apparently making plans to play home games next super season at Timaru's Frazer Park and Nelson at Trafalgar Park.

The word on the street that the L P complex, insured for around $300 million will cost well in excess of that to reinstate and in the Post RWC era a new stadium similar to the Forsyth Barr in Dunedin at around $200 m would be a more realistic option.
In the absence of Facts, rumors are rife, one that surfaced a couple of months ago and gained renewed traction in the current vacuum last week, claims significant problems greater that the visible damage to the three Grandstands. The Hadlee on the Northern end is for demolition and the two main stands, "Deans" to the East and "Paul Kelly" to the West have major foundation failure.
Another doing the rounds from a mate close to the Engineering clique in the City has a cavernous void several Meters under the whole complex.

Iv2 in his post alludes to some of the great sporting moments associated with the ground.
Three stand out in my mind, Peter Snell's great mile run in the 60s following his Rome triumph, the 1956 Springbok games and at the top of the list for one with Red and Black blood in my veins, the defeat of the All Blacks after their Australian Tour by Canterbury and the Late D B Clarke failing with a sideline kick just meters in front of me that could have saved the ABs.

As in any information vacuum, rumors flourish and if there is a report that gives the Crusaders Franchise the message that they need alternative venues for next year why not make it public as the major influence of what the future holds is more than a little relevant going forward for many who are trying to plan and if that stadium is not going to survive then they need to know that.
The land Iv2 alludes to near the Airport that The CHCH airport Company is withholding permission for residential development may well be a good option with good access and several Hotels nearby.

I accept that incomplete information can be unhelpful, as many of those awaiting definitive status on the land under their munted, repairable and in rare cases untouched homes are enduring, but it seems rather frustrating that some information release to affected parties is possible, why not publish it for all.

So Boring It No Longer Makes The Front Page

Phil Goff's continuing decline in the polls, that is.

The headline gives the strongest indicator yet that Labour might roll Goff.

Voters prefer Labour policy but not party:

However, it is the small fry which bring much more interest this morning from Herald-Digipol.

ACT down to just 1.4% party vote. Hellooooooo Dr Brash. Where aaaaaaare you? Yooohooooo! Show us your polling. Show us your polling.

Maori Party up slightly with 2.0% party vote.

Capital Gains Tax - despite The Herald's misleading sub heading indicating broad approval, the highest score was 'no opinion/don't know..' at 24.6%

Asset Renewal - National had better get off its collective arse and sell this concept which Labour has hijacked, misrepresented and cemented into the public mind as 'evil asset sales.'

Repayment of National Debt - a huge forty-three percent of New Zealand's population are dead shit dumbarses who think a capital gains tax which raises nothing in it's first seven years is the best way to pay down the national debt.

Don't come round 'ere with yer facts and evidence

Nice story I first came across in the Listener. The Cochrane Collaboration has done an evidence-based medicine review of whether reducing your salt intake really does reduce your chance of heart attack or stroke, and found no evidence it does. If anything, it might actually increase your risk if you're already suffering some kind of heart disease.

For those unfamiliar with Cochrane reviews, they get researchers to look at what the evidence actually is for particular medical interventions. The researchers find all the studies they can that provide evidence one way or the other on the subject, then they strip out the poor-quality studies until they only have indisputably high-quality studies left, then they go through them with a fine-tooth comb to figure out exactly what the study really does provide evidence for. They're respected around the world for the quality of their work. Their latest effort, on reducing salt in your diet, is here: Reduced dietary salt for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Their plain language summary:

Cutting down on the amount of salt has no clear benefits in terms of likelihood of dying or experiencing cardiovascular disease

Good news, huh? Apparently not. Experts reject the findings. Reuters has this to say:

Most experts are agreed that consuming too much salt is not good for you and that cutting salt intake can reduce hypertension in people with normal and high blood pressure.

Well, yes. But the question is, what evidence is that consensus based on? Apparently the answer is "Nothing reliable."

But you can always rely on nutritionists not to let inconvenient facts stand in the way of dogma. A Heart Foundation nutritionist is quoted on the Science Media blog:

Other types of research have conclusively linked moderate salt reduction with reduced risk. The Heart Foundation maintains its position of advocating salt reduction for all New Zealanders...

"Other types of research?" "Conclusively?" Seems that the Cochrane group could have saved themselves the effort of studying the evidence for themselves - all they needed to do was contact the Heart Foundation and ask a nutritionist. How silly of them.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Democracy demands Honesty.

The threatened, whether it is themselves, their Party, or their dream, are increasingly railing against the sanity being openly expressed as the significance of Vote splitting is better understood.

Yes Sanity, even Hatfield and his advisors used the theory of vote splitting when they Promoted a vote for the thug got them both him and Kelvin Davis.

As the strategy of getting Banks as the electorate MP to secure the ACT votes, Peters must have been very upset in 2008 when his 4% was worth nothing while ACTs 4% earned 5 MPs, and the honest tactic of supporting Dunny in Ohariu are being revealed, it is just sanity being employed.

Likewise the "Would be if He could be" Emperor of the Labour Party who was palpably upset when his seemingly stupid effort to create an electorate seat power base seemed to be seriously undermined in New Plymouth, should just accept he may just have indulged in the biggest kirkup since Dunfuck.

Lately I have read an increasing number of comments where Labour Voters, (their description, and with the proclivity of socialists to lie, grain of salt territory), who are claiming they will put a peg on their nose and vote Labour again. Their justification, "they don't want National to win big".
Bollocks, they know their tribal seat warmers are rubbish being led to the cliff by the ranking Lemming and instead of telling the braindead that they should just bugger off and let renewal take root, they will soften the blow and risk making the disaster bigger and more debilitating.

Whatever system is used, however gerrymandered the electorates are, however incompetent the candidates presented by the party are and whatever the issues might be DEMOCRACY demands complete honesty when the VOTE is marked.
If the current system promotes a better outcome for ones vote by splitting then thats the game, so stop crying foul when a stupid system is used to frustrate your dreams.

A little bit of money

Yesterday, Mr Brown said he was not told of Ms Stratton's concerns about the flyer's cost and effectiveness.

"If it costs a little bit of money to ensure people are well informed about the thing that is most critical to them, and that's their rates, then I suspect it is a cost well spent," he said.

Most people regard $50 as "a little bit of money"

Except Lyen Brown apparently.
He adds a few zeroes

I suppose that he might have a different view if it was his money, not ours.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Election Result - November 2011 - Update

Update: 28:07:11

Seats allocated according to latest Roy Morgan poll.
  1. Look how close the Maori Party is to winning list seats.
  2. Where is Dr Brash's mysterious private polling?
Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement No. of electorate seats won No. of list MPs Total MPs % of MPs
Act New Zealand 2.00% 3 1 2 3
The Greens 7.50% 9 0 9 9
Māori Party 3.00% 4 4 0 4
New Zealand Labour Party 31.50% 39 0 39 39
New Zealand National Party 52.00% 65 0 65 65
Totals 96.00% 120 5 115 120 100.00%

Here's the Adolfian prediction for November 2011. It will be bumped and shown alongside each respective Roy Morgan poll between now and election date. Should Phil Goff be replaced as Labour leader, Adolf will revise his prediction.


  1. Phil Goff remains Labour leader
  2. Dunne loses
  3. Dr Brash is prevented from further alienating sectors of the electorate.
  4. Labour wins Te Tai Tokerau
Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement No. of electorate seats won No. of list MPs Total MPs
% of MPs
Act New Zealand 3.00% 4 1 3 4
The Greens 18.00% 22 0 22 22
Māori Party 4.00% 5 4 1 5
New Zealand Labour Party 20.00% 25 20 5 25
New Zealand National Party 51.00% 64 45 19 64
Totals 96.00% 120 70 50 120


#1 Retirement savings made compulsory with matching contributions by the employer (or Government in the case of those receiving income support) leading to the gradual phase out of NZ Superannuation.

#2 A four year Parliament.

#3 Term limits for elected members (central and local government).

#4 Medical Insurance payments made tax deductible

#5 Private School fees made tax deductible coupled with a phase out of State Aid to that sector.

#6 Time limits for the dole and DPB payments.

#7 My golf handicap in single figures.

And yours?

Polls and Turkeys

Half the country rely on the state for their daily bread. Labour are the "big state" party.
They successfully scared their client voters into returning them 3 times based on lies about how national would eat their babies and starve them to death.

Labour are strugling to hit 30% in the polls.

Think about that for a moment. Half the country rely on the state but 40% of them are saying they will not vote for the spend and tax party which just goes to show that when times are tough you can find some turkeys who will vote for an early Xmas.

Money / Church Again?

No it is not an obsession, just another man of "the cloth" who has possibly tripped on his cassock.

Jonathon Kirkpatrick ex vicar of St Micheals in CHCH, ex dean of Otago's St Pauls Cathedral under the first female Bishop Penny Jamieson, ex lover and long term partner of retired Labour MP Tim Barnett, has until recent days been director of an AUT business development unit.

During this week a few things have happened, AUT have successfully frozen J K's bank accounts and have gagged staff at AUT from speaking to the media, the Anglican Church have distanced themselves from him, He is not sayin nuttin after resigning his position as CEO of the AUT business innovation unit. Possibly been a bit too innovative ?
All the while some $500 000 is missing

What is the sad litany of those who would bang on as to how the peasants should lead their lives, are so often revealed with feet of clay. Perhaps good ole Christ J should have kept going when he turfed the money changers out of the temple, too many of his followers seem to have needed similar treatment.

I know nothing is proved , YET. Someone might have just borrowed it and missed paying it back

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Labour abuse

"Vulnerable children are part of the picture, but all children in New Zealand need a good start in life," she said.

"Where you start to make the change is in the first five years of a child's life, and you support all children and their family through those early years."

Apart from the fact that King and her cronies had 9 long years to sort out child abuse and achieved nothing apart from spending money, now she wants "all" children to be subjected to their control.

The only reason we have high rates of child abuse is because of years of State intervention undermining the family unit.

When you rely on the State to solve all your problems, the State will only ever reward you with greater problems. This is the nature of Labour abuse.


Can the media ever get it right? Tonight on TV1 we were 'treated' to another shock horror expose of how the Army's use of grenades at their West Melton Range was causing property damage to the good burghers of West Melton.

Now for those of you who are geographically challenged West Melton is about 20K south west of Christchurch heading towards the West Coast. There has been an Army Rifle Range there since Adam was a Cowboy. Those of my generation would be hard pressed to recall any habitation close to the range area.

Times change and West Melton has seen an 'explosion' (excuse the pun) in life style blocks. Every one of those buyers has been fully aware of the range area close at hand.

And now per courtesy of TV1 we see how grenade explosions at the range are causing further damage to homes with one home owner pointing to cracks in her walls with the clear inference that it is an uncaring Army at fault.

Give me a break please. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but the nearest civilian habitation to the grenade throwing area is about 1k away. The grenades in use today have lethal range of 6m; can cause casualties up to 15m and have a safety radius of 30m. They contain 62 grams of explosive. A good fart after a better night out could probably cause more damage at twice the distance.

But never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Shame on TV1 and a pox on lazy journos who haven't got the wit nor intelligence to critically analyse that fed to them by 'interested' parties (who perhaps didn't bother to insure their house and are now angling for Mr & Mrs Taxpayer to pick up the tab).

Now that would be REAL investigative journalism.

It Used To Be Blacks........

.....that were used for crocodile bait in the Northern Territory (according to that old yarn about Pauline Hanson and the Pope's visit to Australia.)

Australia has come of age since then.

Deputy Nationals leader Nigel Scullion won the celebrity cake-making challenge with a cake showing Prime Minister Julia Gillard seemingly being eaten by a crocodile. His victory speech was all about politics.

Senator Scullion said the cake wasn’t chauvinistic.

“I matched her emerald shoes with her lime tunic and got her hair just right. Everybody thought it was very tasteful.”

And it just keeps getting better. About six weeks ago Adolf, with tongue firmly in cheek, suggested Labor could find a superb leader in Malcolm Turnbull. Now, some commentators are seriously floating the idea.


Be Sure The Seals Are Intact Phil

I note Poor old Phil is poorly as the revived Fairfax Poll is released.

Be vigilent when they medicate you Phil, all pills to be in the foil, all the remedies in a sealed bottle, remember the "Rs"
Right Patient
Right medication
Right dose
Right route
Right Timing,

Then there are the "Cs"
Clear, correct dose, current date, correct med.

An old Labour leader was dying and his colleagues were gathered.
One, a David, was very cut up and with tears streaming down his face said to Phil "don't worry you have led a very long and loyal life in the Party, you have earned the right to rest easy".
Phil was not comforted and he tried to rise, started to mouth words. David reassured him but Phil mumbled "I must confess".
"No just rest dear leader",
"No I must admit the truth, I didn't really think the CGT idea was that great.
"Hush" said David "we knew that, thats why we gave you the Poison, just let it go and rest easy"

We Were Only *******, Milord!

Only in Australia would something like this make it to the Federal Court.

It seems clear her companion was not a missionary.

Link a public servant argues for compensation after being injured during a night of passion.

The federal government employee, who cannot be identified, was injured when a glass light fitting came away from the wall above the bed as she was having sex with a man in 2007.

She wants compensation because her injuries were caused "during the course of her employment", as she had been sent to a country town to stay the night ahead of a meeting the next day.

Adolf has spent more nights than he cares to remember in Australian country motels and not only did he miss out on even one 'night of passion,' he can't recall even one opportunity.

One wonders how long it will be before the public service unions demand members on overnight missions be provided with call girls and or rent boys.


A bouquet to the Boards of the National and ACT Parties for their give and take over the selection of Paul Goldsmith to campaign solely for the Party vote in Epsom giving John Banks a clear run for the seat. If as reported the qpq is for ACT to stand aside in both New Plymouth and Waimakariri, increasing the chances of Jonathan Young retaining New Plymouth for National and clearing the way for the odious Clayton Cosgrove to be knocked of his perch in Waimakariri, then more power to their elbows and it matters not a jot that Little and Cosgrove complain about a stitch up. This folks is MMP in maturing action and the word is that Labour and the Greens are well advanced on similar deals.

A bouquet too to the ACT Board in dumping Ancell for his hate speech rhetoric. ACT is far far better than that. It simply does not need to go down the path of Maori bashing emulating Winston First whose anti Asian campaign triggered a wave of xenophobia that was an embarrassment for New Zealand. ACT should be there arguing for reduced government. better spending and choices. They do that well. Playing the race card is divisive and unnecessary. Well done ACT.

A brickbat though for Don Brash. He has many great qualities. But political nous is not one of them and his latest musings that ACT may choose to sit on the cross-benches is proof positive of that. So now we have John Banks campaigning that he wants to be part of a John Key led National/ACT Government and his leader cutting the ground from under his feet. That will have many ACT members tearing their hair out and the mixed message sent to Epsom voters isn't smart politics.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Is Always About the Money!

A couple of months ago I commented on another blog that Hannah Tamaki's play for the Presidency of the Maori Womens Welfare League was about the money.

With her successful challenge in the High Court that her exclusion from the ballot was unlawful, more facts are emerging.

As the Whale would say, some interesting names have appeared among the membership.

To be able to cast a vote a branch must have 10 members.
With 90 members the branch can exercise 5 votes.
If they can rustle up one more member it gets 10 votes.

Lo and behold, some 10 NEW branches were formed and guess what? They had between 91 and 93 members.

Now some are asking if there was there any connection between Destiny Church, Hannah Tamaki, the new branches, the way the subscriptions were paid and their timing.

I suggested there was an attractive amount of money sloshing around and the M W W L would be a base to gain traction in the contesting of some of that money.

Entities such as Whanau Ora have some admirable traits among their objectives and may have some solutions to intractable problems facing this country but when any "church", and Destiny in particular, start making such obvious moves towards the treasure chests that Whanau Ora and similar have, I get more than a little interested.

My real concern here is the fear Destiny Church may not be structurally and financially separated from its charity work in the same way mainlainers like Prezzies and Methos are. Makes it veeeeery easy to slide some of the Whanau Ora money across to prop up the lifestyle of the good Bishop and his whanau.

Lets just make damned sure all such funds are competitively and openly tendered and veeeeeery carefully audited. None of this Bros looking after Bros, eh?

Matt McCarten is ripping YOU off

Having had to tolerate the ranting of the sanctimonious stuttering buffoon in the Herald for quite some time now it came as a bit of a shock to see that this eat the rich, honky hating dickhead has a few problems with the IRD.
Pay your bills you scumbag.
And get your mate Bomber Bradbury to start facing his responsibilities as well.

You don't get to rant like some holier than thou, butter wouldn't melt do gooder when you are ripping kiwis off.

Apologies, It Did Look Bad.

I am just back in Paradise after 48 hours in the snow of the foothills helping a mate.

Just prior to leaving on Sunday I posted on Sweden and my opening para suggested Confusion between that Nation and Norway.

The point of the post that I published without Proofreading, was the Link to an excellent post on her Blog by Lindsay Mitchell who was inexplicably to me, given an un-winnable position on the ACT list but is a gem when discussion is raised on Welfare in NZ and she is always a good read on Politics in General.

I fell into a similar hole when under time constraint days earlier I posted a link to an item at Homepaddock, on that occasion I was chastised for a really horrible sentence construct.
Surprisingly on both occasions my main critics were members of the clearly very numerous Anonymous family. The sloppy posts were poor form and would have detracted from the importance of the posts I was linking to, so for that sloppy work I apologise.

Following a heads up from a fellow member of our team which I only received on regaining access to the net, I agree my post did portray a clear confusion between Norway and Sweden. My lack of clarity referred to the kinship of two neighbouring countries who share a border of some
1500 Kms. The careless linkage was no more the feelings of kinship I felt with the shootings in Tasmania that is still quite raw in my Psyche.

I sincerely hope my careless writing and poor form did not stop anyone from taking the trip to L M"s thought provoking blogsite.

My apologies to my fellow bloggers at No Minister for my lapse in standards.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Greece A Basket Case? No

Here is a gloriously, funny, sad and incisive tour de force of the mess that is Greece.

It is very long but well worth the time it takes to read the whole thing.

The worlds smartest, most highly paid, financial experts forgot the third most important tenet of good lending, as they poured billions of dollars into a sunny, indolent black hole. They possibly forgot the second as well. These tenets are very simple.
  1. Are the assets being offered for security genuinely valuable?
  2. Can the lender really afford pay the interest and repay the principal?
  3. Does the lender have an above average personal factor? (Can he or she be trusted?)
It appears the fundamental problem is that nobody pays taxes.

Adolf's favorite quote:

On he went, describing a system that was, in its way, a thing of beauty. It mimicked the tax-collecting systems of an advanced economy—and employed a huge number of tax collectors—while it was in fact rigged to enable an entire society to cheat on their taxes. As he rose to leave, he pointed out that the waitress at the swanky tourist hotel failed to provide us with a receipt for our coffees. “There’s a reason for that,” he said. “Even this hotel doesn’t pay the sales tax it owes.”

And there is one underlying lesson. Never go to confession.

There is only one conclusion. Let them rot in their own putrid cauldron of stewing dishonesty and avarice.

One is drawn to conclude from this account that Greece is not a basket case.

A basket, unlike Greece, has some value.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Retaliatory Amish Raids Not Expected

hattip Andrew Bolt

I must say I was surprised at the speed with which the world's Antique Media fell over themselves to shout out that the Norwgian madman killer is a Christian. Somehow their previous sensitivity about the religious convictions, political proclivities or nationalities of Terrorists seem to have abated - suddenly.

Here's the ever reliable and unbiased ABC.
Norway attacks suspect admits responsibility
Updated July 24, 2011 09:13:55
....Police say they are questioning the right-wing Christian over the massacre - a killing spree that Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenburg said had turned an island paradise into “hell on Earth"…

......The suspect in twin attacks in and near Oslo that killed at least 92 people, Anders Behring Breivik, has admitted responsibility, his lawyer said......

Key details:

§ 92 dead, may rise to 98

§ Ring-wing Christian extremist charged

§ His farm searched for explosives

§ Possibility of a second gunman ..........

.......Police spokesman Roger Andersen described the suspect as a ”Christian fundamentalist”, adding that his political opinions leaned ”to the right”.

But don't worry. They won't do it the next time a crazed murderer shouts 'Allahu Akbar' as he machine guns a few dozen people in a down town Sydney or Auckland street market.


The media continues to live up to my expectations. Clearly they live and die by their motto of 'Never letting the facts get in the way of a good story'.

The latest case at point. Recently we were invited to be disgusted at the way the Government treats our war veterans. The media seized upon the fact that a number of our Crete veterans had to pay their way over to the 70th anniversary of the German landings on the Island. No matter that the veterans were part of a private tour party on an extended trip. No matter that their trip was subsidised by the Crown. The story was designed that we should be outraged that a cruel Government did not pick up the whole tab and shocked that the Minister of Defence, representing the Government and the people of New Zealand, was there and had his travel costs picked up by the taxpayer.

But what you weren't told about is the extraordinary generous policy that provides a one-off, no questions asked, grant of $2,000 to any and all veterans with qualifying operational service to allow him/her to visit the country they fought in. Could be North Africa, Greece, Crete, Italy or the Pacific or anywhere else New Zealanders fought during WW2 along with Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and through to Afghanistan (although perhaps it might be a little while before anyone wants to go back there). The grant can be accessed at any time and is not tied to any particular anniversary.

The best information available to me suggests there are approximately 70,000 veterans eligible for this grant. Some will have taken it already but if we stick with the 70,000 figure the policy creates a contingent liability for Government of something in the order of $140 million. Chickenfeed not.

I am not aware of any other Commonwealth country that has such as policy in place. I know that both the Australian and American veteran communities are consumed with envy when they are appraised of this entitlement. They have nothing remotely similar.

So, back to where I started. The Kerry Woodhams of this world should stop interviewing their typewriters and coming up with shock horror stories that just don't stack up against the facts. Yes, Government can always do better when it comes to honouring our veterans and we await with anticipation their response to the Law Commission Report on the rewrite of the War Pensions Act 1954. But insofar as allowing veterans to return to the battlefield they fought over there is a silver plated scheme in place, paid for by Mr & Mrs Taxpayer, which is the envy of veteran organisations around the world.

Sweden Is Not What Many Think

How often has the country at present enduring the horrific aftermath of a Nutter With the Means and the Intent, been lauded as the shining example of socialism success.

Take a trip to Lindsay Mitchell's Place and read all about it.

Just as Dame Margaret Thatcher predicted, "socialism will only last so long as people exist to fund it" the threat of insolvency came to visit Sweden in the last decade of the 20th century and Lindsay posts on what happened next.
Compulsory reading for any New Zealander with the utopia driven view of tax and welfare to make a fair productive egalitarian society.

Just take 10 minutes and pay her a visit, please, all of you.

A big Tick for the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Wynne Gray has an op ed in the Herald on Sunday that endorses the new Dunedin Stadium as a very appropriate $200 mill investment.

He goes on to relate that to the as yet uncertain future of ChCh's AMI or Lancaster Park as it was known.

If that venue is rooted as the rumours suggest, then I agree with Wynne's assessment.

While I have no idea of the dimensions of the plot of land, there is a block on the SE cnr of the Memorial Av Russley Rd Roundabout that would be worth an investigation. At present CHCH Airport Company is denying residential development consent for obvious reasons but with its access, North, South and West plus the Airport and the City, allied to its geological stability it would be worth a look.

Rubbish in- Rubbish out.

Plenty to cause guts ache in the papers today, not quite so grumpy about the SST using horizon polling anymore since a few of us created multiple accounts with them to figure if they really were as shite as we guessed. They are.
However a guts ache free Sunday morning was rendered impossible after reading this rubbish.
Yes, all flavours abuse their kids, not questioning that truth. But read the words this idiot uses.
"Her master's thesis at the Eastern Institute of Technology found about half of the children killed in New Zealand died at the hands of a Pakeha abuser."

So..... 80% of the population account for "about" half the child abuse cases.
Stop trying to minimise the disgrace that is Maori child abuse by using the "they do it too" excuse.
Master thesis without maths. Nice.

Poverty does not make you kill your kids.
Gobshite apologists for scum make my guts ache.

In Politics, Where Does the Party End?

We have had many accusations opposing what the Labour Party and their allies see as powers behind the throne being more than just entities that offer advice on strategy, Tactics and Campaigning to their opponents.

To Wit Crosbie Textor to National, John Ansell to ACT et al.

Cameron Slater at Gotcha has published three posts giving some in depth analysis of Mike Hutcheson who is currently being used as a major input to Labour in the run up to the election.

Now this chap is somewhat radically to the right of Labour as signified by what they would want the electorate to see as their niche. His publicly uttered positions on women in business, education and climate change would, if he was on the National Team, be vociferously exploited as the true position of that party. As it is the temporary leader of the socialist grouping, apparently it is OK, just ask Trev.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Stinking, Malevolent Cauldron Of Infectious Diseasee

That's the only description which can be applied to the comments thread attached to The Standard's gross and fabricated attack on John Key's remarks concerning the Oslo atrocity.

The original post sounds as though it was written by Trevor Mallard. It has his fingerprints all over it. The PM's statement is edited and mis-stated to completely change it's meaning and context.

But the comments which attach themselves to his carefully contrived but sinister aspersion tell you all you need to know about the left. And that is:-

These are the last people on earth you would ever again trust with the reins of government in new Zealand.

They are toxically insane.

Better Start Checking

I see the shooter and bomber in Norway has been identified as a lone madman with no affiliations to international terror groups.

Public broadcaster NRK and several other Norwegian media identified the suspected attacker as Anders Behring Breivik, a blond and blue-eyed Norwegian who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the internet.

Norwegian news agency NTB said Breivik legally owned several firearms and belonged to a gun club. He ran an agricultural firm growing vegetables, an enterprise that could have helped him secure large amounts of fertilizer, a potential ingredient in bombs.

We have quite a few clones of this fellow in New Zealand. I hope they are all rounded up well before the RWC begins.

Those Maori Seats

A week or so ago I put up some opinion on prevailing Maori national politics. Passing reference was made to the abolition of the Maori seats. Here is a dilation of that brief reference.

Who would have thought ten or fifteen years ago that there would have been a race based political party in the NZ Parliament? Of those crazy enough to voice such heresy, only the demented could have imagined such a party working in close and successful harmony with National and ACT and achieving a number of major legislative victories – the repeal of FSSB and the introduction of Whanau Ora to name a couple.

That’s what we did have, until Dr Brash and John Ansell fell over each other and destroyed cross party relationships so carefully developed and nurtured by Rodney Hide. To describe Brash as a bull in a china shop ill serves the male bovine.

(It’s ironic to note in passing but when one looks past the rhetoric and examines the aspirations of the Maori Party and the ACT Party one finds some remarkable similarities. They both want self determination but each expresses that in a different way. ACT wants freedom from government intrusion, unduly high taxes and welfarism. The Maori Party wants freedom from government intrusion, unduly high taxes and welfare dependence. The Maori Party was prevented from taking this message mainstream for as long as it was saddled with Harawira but now it can go full on.

Next, try and cast your mind forward ten or fifteen years, putting aside your prejudices and try to imagine a New Zealand Parliament where a race based (but not racist) party holds a dozen or more seats, some electoral and some list - with no special racially designated seats in the House.

Then ask yourself the question:-

“How could this ever come about and how could it happen in just fifteen years?”

In a perverse sort of way, it may well happen as a result of unintended consequences. Consequences of ill thought actions being taken today, by politicians of both the left and the right.

1 The first and most important factor has been the forcible ejection of Harawira from the Maori Party and his ensuing formation of the Mana Party, incorporating every black, white or brindle racist or communist ratbag in the country. This, in the same way that GWB attracted all Al Quaeda’s ratbags from other parts of the world to Iraq where they could most conveniently be killed, has pigeon holed and isolated for mainstream New Zealand to now see in broad daylight, all that is unhealthy, unsavoury and downright destructive in the so-called radical Maori Independence movement. Most importantly of all, it has signalled to New Zealanders of all political persuasions that the brown ratbags are NOT to be found any more within the Maori Party, the corollary of which in that the Maori Party suddenly can draw votes from a much broader cross section of the community. The party has cleansed itself and strategically is much stronger than it was.

Such was unlikely the intention of Harawira, McCarten, Sykes and Mutu.

2 The Labour Party has mindlessly pursued its highly unimaginative, despicably misleading and ultimately disastrous policy of aggressively opposing what it calls ‘asset sales.’ In doing so, it is delivering a subliminal message to New Zealanders that a re-elected Labour Party will prevent the country’s citizens from enjoying the privilege of personally owning their own shares in some of the country’s power generation businesses. Yes, that’s the real message from Labour’s foolish ‘stop asset sales’ campaign. While accusing Dr Brash of Maori bashing, Labour is engaged in bashing the whole population, Maori, Pakeha, Chinese, Korean, Indian or Inuit. “We won’t let you own power company shares” is the message from Mallard’s campaign headquarters.

Such was unlikely the intention of the Kiwi bashers Mallard, Goff, King, Cunliffe and Parker.

3 The many Labour Party supporters who DO want to personally own their own power company shares will look for a home for their votes. Those who can’t bring themselves to vote National will find a comfortable home in the new mainstream Maori Party – post Harawira. Definitely not the intention of Mallard, Goff, King, Cunliffe and Parker.

From here one can see the potential genesis of a blossoming Maori Party party vote - and this is the key to the abolition of the Maori seats. It would not surprise me in the slightest if the new ‘cleansed’ Maori Party achieves that magic figure of 5% PV in the polls well before Dr Brash’s carpet bombed ACT Party gets close. (In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the Maori Party cracks 5% in November while ACT trails the field.)

Once the Maori Party starts to win list seats and polls consistently above say 15% party vote, the whole game changes. Then IT will be in a very strong position to commence negotiations for the abolition of the Maori seats. And what a deal it will be able to extract in return!

Such an achievement will indeed drive a dagger through the heart of the Labour Party and will elevate Messrs Turia and Sharples to sit alongside Sir Apirana Ngata in Maori political history.

SO, all you red necked anti-MMP campaigners, look before you leap. You might get more than you bargained for – more unintended consequences. Maori seats locked in FOR EVER - because it you think mainstream NZ will allow their abolition over a bloodbath, you are mistaken. You need MMP if you want to see the end of Maori seats in the NZ parliament.

I Thought Dinosaurs Extinct

Someone has woken the Troughmaster General up again.

He has come up with a theory that high Youth unemployment rates will lead to heightened suicide rates in the young.

Without a complete study that claim is just an opinion.

One fact that is pretty obvious to me on anecdotal evidence is that the current unacceptable levels of youth unemployment rates has a disturbing correlation to the abolition of youth pay rates.

As a past employer it is a complete no brainer that faced with a choice between a person just out of school and a more mature person with a work history I would be very unlikely to give the chance to the youth over the older one.

Of course the silly old bugger would not break ranks with the socialist mantra that all are equal even if some like him, are more equal than others.

I am aware that the dopey old man has had to face the tragedy of his child taking her own life and for that I am sympathetic, however unless he will accept that the current high rates may have its genisis in a false premise such as the artificial attempt to raise the value of labour then I would suggest he goes back to his irrelevance.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Social Disservice

Watched a TV programme the other night about the youth problems in Kawerau. Think it might have been Closeup.
The guts of it seemed that the government should be "doing more".
Which really means the state should be spending even more borrowed money to "solve" the social problems that plague the town.
Now maybe I'm thick but surely the underlying message is that the worse you behave, the more of other people's money you will receive.
What started life as a public service to help the truly needy has morphed into a never ending social disservice.
Of course it keeps many people gainfully employed as policy analysts and service providers but it does nothing to stem the cause of the problems.
The clear message should be that the worse you behave the less you will receive.
Then we might see some real progress.

ICC Must Use Horizon Polling

You'd have to think there's something a little bit 'stink' about a survey which selects an all time great test cricket world side when it leaves out players from New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and England.

Here's the team, selected by fans using the ICC's website survey.

ICC TEST DREAM XI: Virender Sehwag (IND), Sunil Gavaskar (IND), Donald Bradman (AUS), Sachin Tendulkar (IND), Brian Lara (WIS), Kapil Dev (IND), Adam Gilchrist (AUS), Shane Warne (AUS), Wasim Akram (PAK), Curtly Ambrose (WIS), Glenn McGrath (AUS)

What about names such as Hadlee, Imran, Pollock, Tyson, Botham to name just a few.

So, dear readers, here is your next job. The Dream Teams.

Help Adolf choose a fifteen man all time best squad for each country competing in the forthcoming Test Cricket World Cup which seems likely to conclude with a 'timeless test' as a grand final. We need squads from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka and England. I think the Zimmers and the Bangers would be best to stay home on this occasion.

Kindly present your teams in comments numbered from 1 to 11, starting with the openers and finishing with the bowlers then include the names of your four replacement players.

I'll give it a go here for Australia, seeing as how I was resident and playing club cricket here during the wonderful era of the Chappels and Dennis Lillee. And by the way, I'm attempting this from memory without reverting to endless hours swotting up on Wisden but you can if you want to.

Australia (Adolf's selection)
1 Matthew Hayden 2 Sir Don Bradman 3 Greg Chappell 4 Adam Gilcrist 5 Ricky Ponting 6 Lindsay Hassett (c) 7 Dennis Lillee 8 Doug Walters 9 Glenn McGrath 10 Shane Warne 11 Brett Lee

12 Kieth Stackpole 13 Keith Millar 14 Rodney Marsh 15 Bobby Simpson

New Zealand (IV2' selection)
1 Glenn Turner 2 John Wright 3 Bert Sutcliffe 4 Martin Crowe 5 Stephen Fleming (Captain) 6 Bevan Congdon 7 Ken Wadsworth 8 Sir Richard Hadlee 9 Bruce Taylor 10 Richard Collinge 11 Hedley Howarth

12 John Bracewell 13 John R Reid 14 Dick Motz 15 Daniel Vettori

England (James Stevenson's selection)
1 Hutton 2 Hobbs 3 Hammond 4 Compton 5 Botham 6 Flintoff 7 Knott 8 Underwood 9 Laker 10 Trueman 11 Larwood

12 Gower 13 Sutcliffe 14 Russell 15 Willis

West Indies (pdm's selection)

1 Greenidge 2 Haynes 3 Headley 4 Weekes 5 Richards 6 Worrell (capt) 7 Sobers 8 Alexander 9 Gibbs 10 Ambrose 11 Holding.
12 Lloyd 13 Walcott 14 Garner 15 Marshall

There you are! Go to it.

Pharmac in perspective?

Nearly every time a Free Trade deal with the US is discussed the fact of the New Zealand's socialised health system's buying agency is suggested as an impediment.

The Mayo Clinic in the US has assets of nearly ten billion and a turnover of almost seven billion.
Now do the US drug cartels seriously suggest that Our little Pharmac with a turnover of less than seven hundred million is a problem?

Throw in the kudos that supplying the Mayo Clinic implies and that red herring is more likely their FireBlight excuse methinks.

Just another "kerfuffle"

Hilarious 3News piece featuring loudmouthed bigot David Zwartz declaring the SIS investigation of Israeli backpackers "prejudice against Israel."

Well, sure - I mean, when has Israel ever given NZ cause to suspect Mossad of running identity theft operations in NZ? Well, apart from that case a few years back when Mossad was caught running an identity theft operation in NZ, yeah - but apart from that, when has Israel ever given NZ cause to suspect Mossad of running identity theft operations in NZ? After all, according to the Jerusalem Post, that was just a "kerfuffle." It's just prejudice, I tells ya.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Divorce is Rarely Nice.

That Tiger Woods would part company with Steve Williams was always about when and never if.

That Williams feels let down is no surprise.

The one edge Woods enjoyed was clearly the way Williams kept the servant master relationship alive for nearly 13 years and particularly during the last few, with the unraveling of the master's personal life
That became a strength for Woods. When that professionalism is backdropped by the close friendship that developed between their wives it mirrored so much of the pain of the everyday matrimonial split.

Just how much of Woods success was attributable to Williams will never be known but my guess is a considerable one and time will tell as long as Woods seriously continues with the struggle. Having jettisoned the Missus, the Coach and now the Caddie he is coming ever closer to having to confront his own demons.

Rarely does the separation come without hurt, betrayal, and recriminations and the way Steve Williams handled himself during Tigers troubles was, to me admirable and his hurt is palpable. I am certain he will give Adam Scott great service. Whether it blossoms into something great is in the future but one thing is for sure it has good possibilities.

How long before That person who did so much to grow the professional game of golf ever approaches anything great again is a guess but I wonder if there is anyone to carry the clubs again as well as Steve Williams did.

Golf is regarded by most as an individuals sport, but here we see that there is much of the team about the modern game and Robbie Deans Mantra about the spelling of the word team is about to be tested.

Dr Glugman, Call Your Office

It looks as though the Global Warmist cult is about to take another King Hit

Who ever would have been silly enough to think the activity of the sun might have significant effect on climate change?

That is NCG, Natural Climate Change which of itself dwarfs any miniscule activity which some day might or might not be attached to the activities of Mankind.

The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets”) experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in cloud formation. CLOUD uses CERN’s proton synchrotron to examine nucleation.

CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer told Welt Online that the scientists should refrain from drawing conclusions from the latest experiment.

“I have asked the colleagues to present the results clearly, but not to interpret them,” reports veteran science editor Nigel Calder on his blog. Why?

Because, Heuer says, “That would go immediately into the highly political arena of the climate change debate. One has to make clear that cosmic radiation is only one of many parameters.”

Looks like the Alarmists didn't get the result they wanted and haven't figured out yet a way to doctor the data.

Keep an eye out for the final publication, if any of the media pick it up, that is.

Methinks Some Protest Too Much

Little Andy is joining the growing list of socialists shrilling about the tactics they clain ACT and The Nats are employing in Epsom.

Now hang on Andy, just how hard did Labour campaign against The Troughmaster General in Wigram when he was joined at the Hip to you muppets.

How hard did you go up against Dunny when he was your vote.

Its called playing within the bloody rules, Tosser, that, and how it might be used to make your very carefully planned "long game to lead Labour" succumb to a defeat in New Plymouth is no reason for those who would do everything within those ridiculous rules to give you maximum grief to "play nice and fair".

Could I respectfully suggest you use whatever shred of "fair" in your miserable socialist carcass reemains, to bring a halt to the blatant rorting of Parliamentary Services funding of Labours campaign before the 3 months out date cuts in.

I wont hold my breath though.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Coal Face

Back in the world of hard everyday life, Americans are learning new meanings for old realities and it's not pleasant. They wanted Hope and Change but instead they got:-

Ol' Coal Face

Sanctimonious Claptrap

I see the loons from the left are trying to create a storm in a yamaka over the activities of some Israeli travelers who happened to be in Christchurch at the time of the earthquake.

There is particularly hysterical commentary over at Dim Post with a stand out oasis of sanity in the form of Russell Brown.

All I can say is, if I were a citizen of Israel I'd be pretty damned annoyed if my nation's security service did NOT have a team of operatives in New Zealand and every other unfriendly country ALL THE BLOODY TIME.

Maybe the loons have forgotten NZ funded the terrorist organisation Hamas to the tune of half a million smackeroos not so long ago. That paid for quite a few hundred of the rockets which since have been fired into Israel.

Nor does Israel forget the last similar incident where Israelis were deported amidst great public hulabaloo and diplomatic insults while Ayrabs cought out in far more egregious activites were quietly tut tutted and figuratively swept under the carpet.

John Key needs to take a leaf out of Helen Clark's book and say NOTHING EVER about the activities of the SIS or the SAS.

To Be A Socialist

Go over to Crusader Rabbit's place for a delightful but true look at what it takes to be a socialist.

Here are my picks of the bunch

You have to be against capital punishment, but for abortion on demand, in short you support protecting the guilty and killing the innocent.

You have to believe that the same public school teacher who can’t teach 4th graders how to read is qualified to teach those same kids about sex.

You have to believe that conservatives are racists, but that black people couldn’t make it without your help.

Read them all and laugh at the idiots.

Labour’s Death Tax

These Two Ghouls

Will be at every funeral, with their hands outstretched to grab a chunk of your inheritance. They will be using their so-called Capital Gains Tax which turns out instead to be a Death Tax.

If you are one of two or more siblings, upon the death of your last surviving parent, it is likely the executors of his or her estate will sell the assets in order to make a distribution according to the terms of any will. (Adolf has been though this drama in the role of executor and beneficiary.)

It is common practice to sell property and shares, using the cash sale proceeds as a simple and practical means of orderly distribution. From the day Labour is re-elected, God forbid, their rapacious administration will take a skim of 15% before the family starts to get a look in. Goff has conceded this point in recent clumsy interviews.

So we have on our hands a new campaign:-


They should sell the bus and buy a fleet of socialist hearses to take them round the country selling their funereal death taxes.

Adolf can see the leftie shills lining up to scream ‘It’s not true! You’re telling lies! Etc etc’

Well I’m sorry chaps but it IS true. It is a damned sight truer than your strident and malicious attempts to falsely paint National’s Asset Renewal plan as ‘asset sales’ when no assets are being sold.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, the 'Puff Piece' on payments to members of the panel set up to monitor the work of CERA featured on TV1 tonight, orchestrated by Labour's Clayton Cosgrove (the only person in NZ who can make members of the Mafia look like Choir Boys) delivered the simply shocking revelation that members were being paid the 'outrageous' sum of $1,000 per day for their time and expertise. Note, per day and not per annum.

But hold on. The Christchurch earthquakes were of an epic proportion and the Government simply has to get it right or they will pay the price. CERA has huge powers and responsibilities probably unprecedented in NZ history. Is $1,000 per day too much.

Well, not according to my dentist who has just charged me $3,500 for a three tooth bridge and a single root canal filling for which I spent a grand total of 3 hours and twenty minutes in his chair.

So perhaps a better comparison is the $267.50 per day, seven days per week, 52 weeks per year, paid to Clayton as the Deputy Chair of a Parliamentary Select Committee (salary is $139,100). No matter that Clayton's influence over Government policy is somewhere between zip and zero. No matter that his parliamentary colleagues rate him as 'Mr Obnoxious' ... the dosh keeps rolling in.

And the media just love him, ... so much better than interviewing their typewriters. And so much for balanced journalism

Comment of the YEAR

From our very own GraveDodger, over at IV2' place.

There must be some fascinating moments of theater when the swindling Labour faithful gather and start wondering just who is still singing the "Red Flag' and who is waving the white one.
Priceless GD, just priceless.

What’s In The Entrails?

There’s much more to last Sunday’s Colmar-Brunton poll than meets the eye. Look past the obvious calamitous collapse of Labour and there are signs of possible major changes on the political scene. Of course, four months is an eon in politics but I think the seeds of some real surprises were starting to sprout on Sunday.

The first surprise might be found in the possible reasons for Labour’s disastrous loss of one fifth of it’s vote. The chattering class is going on and on and on about the obvious culprit, Labour’s abortion of a Capital Gains Tax but more than half, that is four of those seven points, of its loss went to the Greens who also heavily promote the CGT.

I think there is another more deep seated and less obvious reason

Labour’s strident and mendacious campaign against state asset renewal actually has exploded in its face. More of that in another post but suffice it to say Adolf thinks middle NZ, including Maori and Pacific Islanders, don’t like being told by Labour they can’t have the privilege of personally owning shares in their own power companies.

Labour is treating the whole electorate with the sort of patronizing arrogance which goes down well only in those parts of NZ where the most valuable household asset is the family pack from KFC. National has picked this up and is flogging it hard and successfully as “Labour doesn’t trust New Zealanders.”

The next surprise is the one fifth increase of its party vote by the Maori Party. Of the 700 basis points lost by Labour, 140 migrated to the Maori Party. Why?

I believe this too, largely might be due to Labour’s clear attack on Maori mainstream aspirations to own large chunks of the nation’s power utilities via their various IWI companies and trading trusts. The Maori Party has signalled this desire clearly many times during Question Time but Labour has not been listening.

Further, I believe Labour has miscalculated the attitudes of the large sector of Pakeha NZ who have some degree of Maori ancestry and are damned proud of it. Many of these people will have been swinging voters and some will have felt alienated by Labour’s capital gains tax and subliminal Kiwi bashing. Their support has moved to what has become a mainstream party rather than a party of radicals. (Don Brash’s fatal mistake with his appalling advertisement was the implication that ALL Maori people are radicals.) Since the ejection of Harawira, the Maori Party has become very ‘mainstream,’ where well educated ambitious and industrious Maori people can feel at home. These are the people who personally will buy shares in SOEs – and hang on to them.

Then there is the meteoric rise of the Greens. This, I think is almost entirely due to the persona of their leader Russel Norman. Make no mistake, Norman is the leader. He is the driving force. Madame Turei is nothing more than an air headed token who couldn’t attract a blowfly to vote for a dead sheep.

Norman has spear headed the parliamentary battle over the CGT. He has looked like a leader, sounded like a leader and acted like a leader. I believe the Greens will continue to prosper in the polls over coming weeks and as Whaleoil says, somewhere over at his bear pit, ‘Norman is within striking distance of being Leader of the Opposition.’

So, all in all, it will be a more interesting campaign than one might have imagined. I will post later today with my predicted result and will update and bump that post on the release of each respective Roy Morgan poll between now and November.