Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Always Have A Plan B

Adolf and The Cook went into town today by train. $1.20 each way for a 42km journey of 55 minutes.

We walked from Adelaide station to the little specialist sports shoes shop and bought a pair each of special walking shoes. The Cook has decided to start walking and Adolf's shoes were buggered, having done about 2,000 km over the last year or so. From there it was a short walk to the Adelaide Markets for lunch and a wander around before drifting back to catch the return train.

A couple of stations out from Adelaide an old joker got on with a mountain bike and stood next to where we were seated. Adolf noticed he had a couple of wooden walking sticks tied to the frame of his bike. Didn't think much of it until The Cook giggled and dug me in the ribs.

"Giggle giggle - what's that silly old bugger got walking sticks on a bike for? giggle giggle"

Quick as a flash, Adolf responded.

"In case the bike breaks down."

How good is this man Stewy

Crikey Marc Hinton at Stuff was really avoiding the hyperbole in dissing Australia's 'finest' rugby ref after his woeful performance on Sunday evening.
As for me, Mrs Gd thought here he goes again, but my little bro who happens to live 100 miles north, was a little more concerned, sufficiently so, that he rang about 30 minutes after full-time, the delay was due to bro, having to counsel his stock manager who was deemed the greater need, to check I hadn't had a brain haemorage.
I know all the SANZA refs are completely neutral but having a full bench of Aussies at the cauldron that is Suncorp to control possibly one of the more crucial games of the round robin, with probably the most compromised in the middle, was back to the very best of home ground advantage. Cripes even the very unbiased Aussie commentators and the Reds try scorer were waiting for Stupid Dickheadson to call the forward transfer or at the very least one of the "assistant Refs" on the touchline to yell " that was a tad forward".
I know, just read about it in the paper tomorrow but with all the travails that The Crusaders have delt with so well this very unusual year I feel with my modest opinion of right and wrong that that was almost a wrong.

Opportunity to rationalise.

With many of the capital assets of Christchurch and Canterbury emergency response needing repair or rebuild, is this a once in a millennium opportunity to make substantial economies along with operational efficiency.
As a volly in St J and the NZFS I see many areas for waste as each service make their reinstatement plans. Disfunctional management combined with serious "turf" protection will ultimately prevail unless someone bangs the necessary heads together.
Almost every serious incident will have Police, Fire, Ambulance all in attendance within minutes with zero assessment of need for any or all. With the Earthquakes and a couple of Pacific Tsunami we can add another layer of duplication in the form of Civil Defence.
First CD.
Initial response is completely beyond any capability for a meaningful input from the extensive network of local CD in the major events that have confronted Canterbury. Police Fire and Ambulance train and have systems in place to respond to incidents in minutes to make site safe and secure, save life, save property and mobilise any additional resources needed. Whereas CD spend hours just setting up a response team, head quarters and personel. Yes we need a CD structure to come into play if and when the Initial responders become overcome and it should be a function of regional Government not an adhoc local committee that will rarely be activated and therefore will struggle to make an impact or meaningful response when confronted.

Police Fire Rescue and Ambulance.
Would function with one Comms center, one command structure supported by operational management for delivery of each function in a co-ordinated response. Individual stations dont have to be necessarily integrated but there are substantial savings and efficiencies to be gained if that can occur.

Now would be a great time for management structures and assets to be reorganised in our region as the way forward for the next decades.

Dont let it slip away.

Subversive Leadership

From Powerline

Does this remind you of anyone in particular?

Obama's leadership model is the model of subversive leadership. Subversive leaders in democracies do not tell their citizens where they wish to lead their societies. They hide their goals from their citizens, because they understand that their citizens do not share their goals. Then once they achieve their unspoken goals, they present their people with a fait accompli and announce that only they are competent to shepherd their societies through the radical shift they undertook behind the public's back.

Emmerson At His Very Best

Monday, May 30, 2011

Socialists Commit Suicide

In the mid 1950s a bunch of socialists formed a cult, under the leadership of one Jim Jones, called "The Peoples Temple" in Indianna, it was described as "apostolic socialism".
Around 1965 opposition to the way the cult gathered idealistic followers led to a move to California where the cult enjoyed significant growth and enjoyed support from leading Democrats,including VP Walter Mondale, First Lady Rosalyn Carter, Govenor Jerry Brown and the Lt Govenor.
Following this period of growth and integration that included cult leader Jones gaining administrative positions through patronage, the cult again garnered criticism from dismayed families who lost family to the cult that led to a move to Guyana in the mid 70s.
This Apostolic Socialist Cult exploded in the Guyanese jungle in Late 1978 when an attempt by Congressman Leo Ryan to investigate possible coercion to stay with the cult resulted in some of the members taking Ryan's repatriation offer, but became embroiled in a shoot out at the nearby airstrip.
Pastor Jones then led his followers in a mass suicide of over 900 followers taking Cyanide laced Coolaid, The Pastor died from a head shot that was ruled self inflicted
Are the members of NZ Labour in a similar journey to such a disaster in the jungle of NZ politics in 2011 with their disconnection from the mainstream as they flounder to gain traction for "their socialist utopia".


So ACT are going to be labelled as "extreme".
Who cares?
Just target the 5-10% of voters who are intelligent to realise that if you want extremism, look no further than
1. Borrowing our way to oblivion as a country so that we can all live in some welfare utopia
2. Unions pretending that just because a job existed last century it is still relevant now.
3. The Maoris working towards an exclusive apartheid state
4. The greens trying to stop economic activity
5. Parasites like Dunne and Anderson working on their personal retirement schemes.

Dr Slash Marginalised

Today's announcement of welfare reform by PM Key has put paid to any chance Dr Brash might have had of convincing the electorate that he and he alone could ring the changes which are needed to bring NZ back to a fiscally responsible state of being.
Mr Key said it was unacceptable that the proportion of working age population on benefits had increased from 2 per cent in 1970 to 13 per cent today.

The welfare system should send a clear message that if you could work and support yourself, then you must, he said.

The majority of New Zealanders will say to themselves:-

Why do we need Dr Slash when Mr Key is doing the job which needs to be done?

They are right. They don't need him and they won't vote for him.

You'd Be Nuts...

....to allow people like this to buy a serious stake in our dairy industry.

Heitiki tins are clearly branded as being from New Zealand - featuring a Maori woman on the label - and state the formula is "for super gene", although it is not clear where the product is made.

Kiaora's sole director is Tianxi Shao, but the company was not answering calls.

MAF director of compliance Geoff Allen said the ministry was visiting Kiaora's premises today.

If it was exporting infant formula, it would have to be a registered exporter and if it was manufacturing formula here it would have to meet further requirements, he said.

Kiaora was not on MAF's list of registered dairy exporters and this afternoon its website went offline........

......The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council today backed her queries, and called for a full investigation by regulators......

....."Just recently there have been cases of Chinese firms attempting to create brands and copy products to align themselves with New Zealand's good reputation. Some companies have even deliberately copied New Zealand branded infant formula products, hijacked trade names and replicated websites."

Fonterra learned the lesson the really hard way. One can only hope the Gummint learned as well.

I don't really care what the protocols might be but on no account should any Chinese interests be allowed within a mile of New Zealand's dairy industry.

They simply cannot be trusted.

I don't mid if they want to buy and operate any number of farms to supply Fonterra or Tatua but processing and exporting?

Never, Jose. Not on your bloody Nellie.

Tory charity

My mate Cameron needs a push bike.
He has baited the Dalek so much that he has been called out and challenged to a bike race. Quite how Mallard expects to actually get on a bike again so soon after getting dumped and falling off his bike... ba da bish.. Did you see what I did there?
Mallard has invented some flimsy bullshit to excuse the counter challenge (a boxing match) so apparently a shooting match is on the card as well. Note to cat and baby bambi owners, you might want to make sure your kittens and other tiny harmless creatures are safe around August the 15th.
Mallard is obviously a spineless creature because as we all know while Cam is a fatty his arms are like angel hair noodles and I do not believe he could actually hold his arms up with the weight of gloves on, let alone actually flail around like a little girl slapping a wheel chair bound mouth breathing mentalist like Mallard.

Anyway, get over to www.gotcha.co.nz if you have a bike that can hold the big fella.

In residence

For the first time in a year I am back in residence at the manor on a work day. This has enabled a bit of surfing on a device not made by apple and I am enjoying the wonders of a proper keyboard and two button mouse.
Having a look around the blogs and papers this morning I am heartened to see that not only has Labour still got no idea why we turfed them out but they seem intent on descending into a bacchanalian orgy of self abuse and self destruction that is not looking like ending anytime soon.

My mate Cameron has been picking on the weak and feeble minded again (more on that in the next post), Mallard has been dumped again and is now on some crazy journey to the nut house no doubt aided with some choice pharmaceuticals to help him manage the pain of his hurty knee.
Anyway, one more post and then I am off to plant out the rest of the pineapples and assorted bromeliads around the new palm garden.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Madam Hilary

My friends in ACT really really did not need this.

Everyone knows Dr Slash and Mr Burn and now there’s Madam Hilary.

What is it with ACT people and lack of political judgement? Why do they get so wound up over ideology and policy that they leave their brains at home when they go to Wellington? First David Garrett and his lies to the courts and now this flannel headed fool who has lent part of her anatomy to the promotion of a brothel in the cradle of New Zealand’s Presbyterian Church. One hopes she has not provided other anatomical promotions for the establishment’s internal d├ęcor.

Has she introduced modern marketing techniques to this southern outpost of the oldest profession? Do they have a happy hour? Is there a frequent f****rs points programme? Perhaps the lucky dip – if your ball is drawn out of the bag you get a freeby on Friday. You’ve got to be in to win, you know. Has she negotiated a place in Winston’s little golden book for pensioners? Let’s face it, there’s nothing better to prolong life than a free bus ride down to the local knock shop for a bit of heavily discounted poontang.

She might have disclosed her ownership of the building to the party’s board but I’ll bet pounds to peanuts they got the shock of their lives to find it is their number five list member who is batting her eyelids at this sordid clientele.

Adolf can think of nothing better to drive away the women’s vote for ACT than this latest piece of blond stupidity. So, for Dr Slash to get his magical 15% party vote, Madam Hilary has successfully ensured he has to get 30% party vote from the male populace of NZ.

This evening’s opinion polls are cold comfort for both National and ACT.

Forget about National’s meteoric upward trajectory . It’s the fate of its coalition partner which will be sending the frighteners through the party’s hierarchy. Clearly Dr Brash’s magnetic attraction for voters seems to have been an illusion. Four reputable polls now have him attracting no more electoral support than did Rodney Hide.

If ACT doesn’t ‘sort out its shit’ pretty quick smart, National will be left up the creek without a reliable coalition partner on the right, a counterbalance for the Maori Party. On current polling there is a real chance ACT won’t get enough party votes to gain even one list member.

I wonder how long Dr Slash and Mr Burn will hang around then.

A Thousand Words

A simple question

Is the Labour Party now a spent force with no political traction?

To me they look like a bald tyre.

Headed for the landfill

Worth 5 minutes

This is worth 5 minutes.

We have always relied on outside help to develop NZ but we are now at risk of being swamped by debt (compound interest), smarter foreigners and our own stupidity.

Our lifestyle has been based on the false premise that we really can afford it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Destruction of Mallard?

Trevor Mallard has been unwise enough to engage in a verbal shit fight with Cameron Slater, aka Whaleoil. He made the fatal mistake of getting physical.

Mallard issued a challenge to Whaleoil to participate in a bike race, to which Whaleoil accepted with the condition that Mallard agree to a boxing match some weeks after the bike race. Mallard declined on the grounds of medical conditions said to prevent him from engaging in contact sports.

Unfortunately for Mallard, various bloggers have noted said medical conditions did not prevent him from having a punch up in the parliamentary precinct and now, someone has brought to the public notice Mallards recent participation in various parliamentary rugby matches. Adolf is not aware of rugby suddenly becoming the preserve of the lame and infirm so it would appear Mallard is getting himself into some epic 'own goal' territory.

It will be fascinating to see how many examples of the phantom Wainuiomartion participating in activities other than lawn bowls or croquet are brought to bear on blogs and in newspapers and on TV channels over coming days.

I think Mallard has finally met his Waterloo.

This will be the greatest trophy ever to hang on the Whaling Wall.

Will we see Clare Curran taking the leadership of Labour in 2012?

Another Bullshit Headline

Defence jobs to fall by 500

But when you read the very first sentence in the article you find actually there is no reduction at all in Defence jobs.Link
There will be 500 fewer military staff in uniform by the end of the year, including personnel from the Linton, Waiouru and Ohakea bases, as the Government begins its civilianisation of the Defence Force.

It is simply that some of the jobs can better be done by civilians thereby releasing more defense personnel to be trained to kill the mofo enemy bastards - which is their real job.

As always, New Zealand's pathetic antique media can be relied upon to misrepresent.

Friday, May 27, 2011

There's A Small Dust Up......

in The Liberal Party.

Erstwhile and temporary party leader and climate change alarmist Malcolm Turnbull is complaining because someone (probably one of his own staffers to cause trouble) leaked a letter from the party whip, in which Turnbull is chastised for missing five important votes in the house.

Channel Seven News is huffing in self importance having established that party leader Tony Abbott missed four of the same votes.

Well here's a little news for the dead shits from the media. A backbencher's prime job and that of minor shadow ministers is to be in the house when a division is called. That's what he's paid for. The Opposition Leader often is away on other business, as he should be.

If I was Abbot's speech writer I would have had him on TV tonight reminding the Australian voter that Turnbull was thrown out because the party needed a leader who was more than Rudd's right hand man or Gillard's gopher.

A dose of reality

Here's a dose of reality for people who want to knock farmers and reckon they don't pull their weight.

Heinz Cans 300 Jobs........

...... in Australia and transfers them to NZ !!!!!!!

Well, maybe not all of them but clearly, a substantial number.

Remember when a few months ago Bill English was lambasted by Goff for suggesting Australian jobs might migrate to NZ?

What's the betting you don't see mention of this excellent news in your Antique Media?

Back off, Dude!!!!!

They'd Better Get Off Their Arses...Updated

...The Gnats, that is.

Otherwise they'll have another 'mining' debacle on their hands. Today's digipoll gives them the message loud and clear. This is what happens when you mooch about and let the other side set the agenda. There's been zero effort to counter the Labour lies and propaganda. For fucks sake, folks - they are NOT ASSETT SALES.

Perhaps one way to beat the Kiwi dumbarse mentality so assiduously cultivated by Labour would simply be to open up these SOEs to partial purchase by the Cullen Fund and Kiwisaver fund managers, with no further private participation permitted. Then Labour could cop the blame for preventing ordinary Kiwis from talking a personal stake in these assets.

It's a pity one is unable to see the trend from the last Digipoll. If I can find it, I'll do an update.

Adolf had a bit of a chuckle at the preferred PM figures. The Harawira family will be laughing its collective evil arses off at the news that Hone has got more chance than Don Brash or of becoming Prime Minister.


The last herald Digipoll was taken in December 2010

Today's results, rounded, put:-

  • National up ----- 2%
  • Labour down --- 3%
  • Greens no change
  • Act up ---------- 1%
  • NZF no change