Monday, December 20, 2010

Spot The Irony?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is alleged to be proposing to shift the controversial New York mega mosque to an alternate site.

But buried in the account is this little gem:-

The 87-year-old king is currently in town after recuperating from back surgery he had at New York-Presbyterian hospital on Dec. 3.

Those damned Presbyterians just pop up everywhere. Wouldn't you wonder why Allah (LMHRIH)* could not provide a decent Muslim hospital?

*Long May He Rot In Hell


mawm said...

But how can he be proposing this when nobody has heard a peep from him since his surgery. Even Biden got given the shaft when he went along to the hospital to 'personally' convey the White House's get well wishes.

You have to love the Saudi style - a whole wing of the hospital has been taken over by the Saudi's and the whole of the Waldorf-Astoria......and everbody is schtum about his condition.

Anonymous said...

Its ironic - a Muslim helping to spread the Gospel.

kevin said...

But think of the mega petro dollars they're laying down over there, hot running women are another essential. The Saudis really rip into the 'options' when off-shore.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As i understand it Hone key was holding his hand and wishing him well why holding a sheep meat deal contract in his hand
A BIG grin and (im totaly relaxed) was the ownly comment from hone key

pdm said...

A shame he didn't have Southern Cross Health Cover so he could have the surgery in NZ. It would have helped the economy no end.