Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Please! !

Adolf chuckled as he read the Labour leaning Herald's puff piece on Labour's octogenarian veterinarian, another millstone around Goff's neck.

They just don't seem to get it. Neither Labour nor the Herald.

Articles like this cement in the public mind all that is negative about Labour.

  • They are all old bastards.
  • They don't do anything constructive.
  • Digging for dirt is their primary, indeed only, focus.
  • They are out of touch with the public.
  • They have no ideas, initiative or imagination.
  • The party matters more than the country.
  • We pay these useless pricks a fortune to indulge in this childish carry on.
  • You couldn't seriously allow this rabble to run the country.
Can anyone remember anything this failed MP, failed minister, failed chief party strategist and now failed dirt digger has ever done during his long, tedious and very ordinary twenty-one year term to better the lives or New Zealanders?


Anonymous said...

"The party matters more than the country."

Same could be said for that do-nothing, risk-averse party you trumpet all the time, Adolf. This government doesn't care about this country, it's all about keeping Labour out.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, and that would be worse than your accident prone lame duck mismanaged party, swimming along with it's nose under the water at 0.9% party vote?

I know which I'd rather have steering the ship and so do 55% of new Zealanders.

Feeling a bit lonely there, are you?

Anonymous said...

Gollum should have stuck to chopping the nuts off dogs and putting down stray kittens.

More honourable, and useful work than being a Labour MP.


Anonymous said...

I don't belong to a party, Adolf. If you're referring to ACT, well that party is as bad as the rest of them. Pandering to populism, and too scared to make the changes this country needs.

showmethetaxcut said...

Anon @ 10.06am

If you don't take the people with you then you can't make any serious bloody change because they will just chuck you out of office.

We saw it with mining and we will see it with the attempt to open up ACC to competition.

It is all very well Manolo et al spending all day over at kiwiblog taking the piss out of National as a do nothing government. But the sheeple have been so brainwashed with socialist dead rats, that meaningful change is going to take time and patience. Why don't you stand for parliament if you think change can be effected any quicker? Nah, thought not.

WAKE UP said...

If Pete Hodgson is the answer, that's a guarantee that they didn't understand the question.

Visionz said...

Remember this


We've had quite a few reminders this week about Liarbour's unfitness to govern.
There was this Hodgson piece.
Today, we also have Chris Carter's troughing.
And then we have had the Wikileaks revelations exposing lies and double dealing from both Clark and Gaffe.
All in all, a good week for National!

Anonymous said...

he achieved a law change to stop foreigners holding ministerial posts

Anonymous said...

Adolf, when will you realise that there is no mileage in trying to take the piss out an MP who fucked over your beloved national government so comprehensively? Ian

Johnboy said...

Hard to believe that old Gollum hasn't been a vet for that long yet he still gets a kick out of getting up to his armpit in shit.

Sick man.

Anonymous said...

The part that really gauls me is that he has just been given a wage increase. The idiot has done nothing constructive in his time in Parliament. I honestly wonder at the mentality of those who continued to vote for the clown for those 21 years. They certainly have not been rewarded with anything for their blind loyality to such a food waster. Because of his time in Parliament he is now able to spend the rest of his miserable life bludging off the taxpayer by way of the highly susidised gold plated super scheme and his subsidised travel. With clowns like Hodgson in Parliament no wonder the public opinion of MP's is low. The mind boggles.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, 5.03

How wrong you are.

First, he didn't 'fuck over' anyone. In case you didn't notice, he blundered right past the real indiscretion and focused on a non issue.

Second, it would appear 55% of New Zealanders agree with my view that the man is a useless grade A fuckwit.