Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clarkulonimbus blows through

Firstly an apology to my co-authors and readers of this fine blog for my lack of contribution over the past few months. Since closing down my importing and retail business, I am now enjoying not having to face the shit fight that is Christmas trading for the first time in 20 years.

Instead I am now battling shit – literally- by milking cows. I have been a dairy farmer since July, which has been a huge learning curve and a lot of fun. Simply put, a heck of a lot of grass goes in one end, a surprising amount of shit comes out the other and hopefully some milk arrives from parts between.

Actually a huge effort goes into producing milk solids and my belt has certainly gone in a couple of notches. The daily routine of milking, cleaning, feeding and calf rearing is relentless plus the added work in between of upgrading the water and effluent systems, making silage, drilling summer crops and maize planting. All under the umbrella of a looming drought. We have actually been pretty lucky and got in over 100ha of excellent silage which will hopefully serve the cows well over summer.

When I was a retailer I was a miserable bastard who hoped for rain in the weekends. Now I’m not so fussy and any day will do.

So I watch the clouds. Sometimes from the sea, sometimes from the land. I call them Clarkulonimbus.They roll in on the wind, butt laden, promising to deliver rain you can trust, rain that cares, sustainable rain, clean technology rain, green rain, hopeful rain, rain you can believe in, rain that just can. But even before you can wipe the dust off your gumboots, they've g'offed (like moved on but faster). If you are lucky you get blessed with a few spits. Then they're off to dump on some other more "deserving" part of the world.

Some things never change.

Update On cue Ele at Homepaddock has found a real word to hopefully describe my new state


Linda Reid said...

Ahhh. Wondered where you'd gone.

I'm glad you are enjoying the rural life. Please take time to blog occasionally.

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks Linda
I hope to blog again next year. Once the farm is running smoothly I should be able to find the time.

Anonymous said...

May your cows continue to be uberous and fingers crossed we all get some rain soon.

Keeping Stock said...

You're not wrong there Ele. We had some drizzle yesterday, but not enough for Metservice to register. The Dec rainfall total remains at 0.00mm after just 15mm in November, and precious little in the back half of October.

And Lou; welcome back!