Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thoughts on the Paul Henry furore

There are two distinct parts to the Paul Henry furore.

The first matter is that of the comments relating to Sheila Dikshit, the Indian Minister.

Humour involving rude sounding surnames has been around forever and a day, and while it elicits a giggle from schoolboys to hear people called “Eric Shin”, most people would roll their eyes.

Paul Henry’s labouring of the Dikshit joke was equally a matter for rolling of eyes for most New Zealanders. A small joke, not a very good one. No real harm done.

India’s angry behaviour in sending diplomatic notes is probably more a convenient response to their own humiliation over the Commonwealth Games village mess, when NZ Chef De Mission Dave Curry described the conditions as filthy to the world.

It's also convenient to make a victim of Dikshit over cheeky comments half a world away, instead of holding her (and her government) over India's lack of preparedness for the Commonwealth Games.

The subsequent international exposure of comments and photos about the disgraceful state of some of the village accommodation will have shamed India, and remember, it did briefly threaten to derail their games. NZers have been the forefront of that criticism.

As it happened, the village was cleaned up, made hospitable, and major nations in the Commonwealth confirmed their participation. A major national PR catastrophe was avoided, but the humiliation of India on the eve of their games could not go unpunished.

Paul Henry’s comments about Minister Dikshit are therefore a convenient opportunity for India to lash back. New Zealand issues a note of apology, India gets to send a message “don’t mess with us”, and Henry is scapegoated for his previous sins and the feeling about the athlete’s village in late September.

The talk about New Zealand losing education business from Indian students is a bit hollow, and I predict that Indian students will continue to come to New Zealand, because they know there is a strong Indian diaspora, they can get a regarded qualification and we are a safe and advanced country which on the whole, has good race relations.

If this was the only scandal involving comments of Paul Henry, I suspect he would still be on air, chastened a little but no harm done to him.

However, the Satyanand comments are a different kettle of fish.

Here, something dark was exposed in Henry’s soul – a comment that showed an almost casual lack of regard towards someone whose qualifications to be Governor-General are almost unimpeachable. The Auckland born highly educated and respected Anand Satyanand was by inference described as not being kiwi enough by someone who subsequently admitted to Gyspy heritage.

What I can’t understand is how someone like Henry, who I don’t believe to be a racist, made such a comment.

I wonder whether it’s possible Henry was egged on to be controversial by someone whispering in that earpiece of his – to see if he could say something shocking to the Prime Minister, who might be caught unguarded and then say something as equally as controversial?

It's TV after all - ratings are everything.


Anonymous said...

The thing I noticed which isn't being commented on much is that even his apology was still indicative of someone that thinks race is important - "His lineage, as far as I can ascertain, is far more dignified than mine which makes him a better candidate for Governor-General than me"

Even in his apology he still made it about race.

For the Dikshit thing - he was probably on OK ground till he said "It's funny because she's Indian"

The Veteran said...

Hamish ... Good post.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The transcripts from his earpiece will make for interesting evidence when Henry appears in the employment court.

Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it how the Left is virtually forcing TVNZ to sack Henry, akin to constructive dismissal. If it was of their union members being constructively dismissed there would be WW3.

What a bunch of fuckwits.

Redbaiter said...

What a load of leftist shit. How can a blog that represents itself as "right wing" produce such socialist fascist garbage as so constantly springs from the minds of Hamish Collins, The Veteran, and Psycho Milt, (who at least does not pretend to be anything but a commie) and the Progressive rubbish of Barnesly Bill?? (thankfully with ever decreasing frequency in his case). No wonder this country is so far up commie river without a paddle when this rubbish is regarded as rightist. No fucking idea. You might as well fold your tent and go write for Red Alert.

The Veteran said...

'Incisive, intelligent' comment from Redbaiter as usual.

Tell me, do you get your rocks off pulling wings off flys?

Redbaiter said...

Let's just execute Paul Henry for crimes against the state and then maybe all you pathetic whining liberal fascists will finally shut the fuck up.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... I am forced to the conclusion that you are a card carrying leftie working under the direction of Trevor Mallard with comments so outrageous designed to bring discredit to the good people on the Right side of politics.

We are not knuckle draggers so stop prenending we are.

Games up, crawl back to Red Alert with your tail between your legs. You have been 'outed' well and good.

Ackers said...

'And it's so appropriate because she's Indian'

That in itself is a sackable offence for a national broadcaster.

Get rid of the cunt.

Peter said...

Redbaiter is a liar and a fraud. Remember when he cried and swore that he would never ever post here again, then the next day he was back here.

It's sad and pathetic, he has no backbone and is a cowardly, commie, red, fascist, sycophant, leftist, socialist, progressive, ugly, dolebludging, unemployable and a big fat troll to boot.

Russell Fletcher, may god have mercy on your soul.

Redbaiter said...

"to the good people on the Right side of politics."

Well, obviously you've got no reason to complain you craven commie suckhole.

That you perceive yourself as any kind of rightist is an example that shows just how totally this country is lost to the soviets.

Why don't you surprise me and tell me by what criteria you can be called right wing? There's not a right wing position that you haven't consistently undermined with your writing on this site.

Redbaiter said...

"Remember when he cried and swore that he would never ever post here again, then the next day he was back here."

You're the lair you pathetic coward. Two lies in one sentence. But since when has honesty ever been given any kind of priority by obsessive commie losers like you? As long as you can smear your critics, and detract from the real issue, (as Joe Stalin taught you) you're content.

Altima Weapon said...

He makes radical comments out of our prominent people, abuses people with disability, and makes fun out of the defenseless and weak for the enjoyment of his Paul Henry Club members! He is a boy trying to wear a man’s underpants, and hasn’t yet grown to maturity. We have become the laughing stock of the world and he has turned this country in turmoil, held to ransom which is going far beyond the call of duty. Both he and Rick Ellis need to be replaced urgently!

Peter said...

"You're the lair you pathetic coward. Two lies in one sentence."

Red, getting caught in a bigger lie now eh old man. There were alot of people who saw and read your post when you rage quit this site only to come back the next day like the cowardly, stalinist, fascist, ugly, fat troll, liar that you are..

Redbaiter said...

Both he and Rick Ellis need to be replaced urgently!

If they are its another example of the rank fascism that is the predominant political position in NZ, as promoted by brainwashed uneducated ignorant of history thug socialist morons like yourself.

Redbaiter said...

There were alot of people who saw and read your post when you rage quit this site

See. Immediately your saying something that does not agree with you first proclamation. I say again, you're the liar. And a coward. And a piece of commie shit. The kind of white anting commie shit that is destroying this country and other countries the world over. You hate freedom and its advocates so intensely it drives you crazy.

Peter said...

"I guess you'll just have to rely upon your own severly limited powers of comprehension and your own crippled political perceptions to figure that out Anonymous, because I'm done with this blog.

Too many of its administrators are slinking lowlife cowards."

And now hes come crawling back on his belly, like the cowardly commie that he is, right back to the same blog he despises. The sad thing with Red is he has been banned, ridiculed and run out from almost every other blog aside from Crusader Rabbit which has a readership of 5. Hence why he is forced to come crawling back here.

Redbaiter said...

Further more, if there is any doubt about your cowardice and you innate leftist political attitudes, it put to rest by as usual your failure to try and defend the proposition that this is a right wing site, and your attempts to attack with smears anyone who points this out. You won't argue the real point because you don't have a fucking leg to stand on. This is a left wing site that occasionally comes out with something mildly critical of Labour. Don't fucking dare argue that point though, you might have to come up with something rational and truthful. Fucking idiot commie coward.

Redbaiter said...

And now hes come crawling back on his belly, like the cowardly commie that he is, right back to the same blog he despises.

"So where is the oath I swore never to post here again?"

That claim was a lie.

The sad thing with Red is he has been banned, ridiculed and run out from almost every other blog

Name them. You can't because that too is a lie. That I am banned on the Standard and Red Alert is something I am proud of.

That other so called rightists go there and pander to these fucking criminals and commies is a disgrace.

As for you, you won't even allow as to what your usual identity is you're so damn cowardly. How many blogs have you been banned from? Fucking pathetic liar hypocrite and commie coward. So typical of the commie filth that clogs up debate on every site out there that tries to support open debate.

Redbaiter said...

That Crusader Rabbit has a readership of 5 is another obvious lie. You haven't made apost here today that hasn't been full of obvious lies.


You people are so fucking dumb its like shooting fish in a barrel.

Redbaiter said...

Yeah, and now they're deleting commets like the fucking cowards they are. Right wing?? What a fucking joke. You posturing scum are taking this country further into the chasm of communism, and you grovel for a pat on the head from your masters like the spineless weak yellow dishonest cowardly sycophants you are.

Peter said...

"Yeah, and now they're deleting commets like the fucking cowards they are."

Haha thats ironic given that no blog is more heavily censored than the fascist crusader rabbit.

Why are you back here red, after you said you were done with this blog?

Why u mad?

Redbaiter said...

Hey Peter, why do you continue to attack with smears and lies, someone who is denied the opportunity to defend? I'll tell you. Because you're a yellow sneaking lowlife coward.

Peter said...

What lies Red?

"because I'm done with this blog."

Your words buddy.

And now you've come snivelling back in, crawling on your belly, like an obese cowardly yellow sneaking lowlife fascist commie lover.

Redbaiter said...

Lies you have told Peter-

That I swore

That I swore never to return

That I came back the day after so swearing

That I have been banned from "almost every other blog"

That CR has a readership of 5

That CR is "censored".

..and after all thes elies you still sek to portray me as th eliar and will not defend my original point that this blog is a disgrace to the right.

Leaving aside you're cowardly assumption of the name "Peter". Its pretty clear you're the same stupid brain damaged sneaking coward who banned every man and his dog from Trotter's short lived spurt of courage, and has since crawled about the blogosphere under a dozen different handles. Like the sneaking lying contemptible coward you have always been.

Peter said...

"thes elies you still sek to portray me as th eliar"

haha, yeh you mad =)

Anonymous said...

Gracious RB. D4J by any other name?

Redbaiter said...

Nobody out there with the guts to defend this blog as right wing?

Thought so. Spineless inarticulate leftist lamers.

DenMT said...

You guys might want to look into this spam problem you seem to be having. Just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Found Obama's Kenyan birth certificate yet have you Russell?

Crusader Rabbit has 5 readers? No way!! Let's see there's MAWM and Wake Up, if they're not the same person and they can in fact read. Are there any others?

CR is brutally censored as KG gets so angry when his ass gets handed to him that it's bad for his health. How can you deny that Russell?

Judge Holden

Redbaiter said...

"CR is brutally censored as KG gets so angry when his ass gets handed to him that it's bad for his health."

The way you and your like wise knuckle dragging yellow backed mates have fucked this thread up is reason enough to deny you posting on any blog you pathetic dipshit. Why would anyone give you space to write your cowardly off topic bullshit??

You're not wanted at CR because like 99% of leftists, you can never argue the point, just as you have failed to argue it here. You could delete every post from you and Brian from after 10:46 and it wouldn't matter one iota, because you have said nothing addressing the argument.

Fuck off you lamer. Address your boring unintelligent shit to someone else.

Redbaiter said...

Well shame Judge, you need to be put in your place but I can't do that while the cowards who run this blog delete my responses, and leave your cowardly smears standing. So go for it. Knock yourself out, the floor is completely yours.

Anonymous said...

If they'e doing that Russell they're just following CR's lead, so suck it up young lady.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is if this blog had the same fascist censorship as Crusader Rabit, then every single post from Redbaiter would have been deleted, especially given his abuse of the administrators. Infact any comment that doesn't tow the fascist party line there gets instantly deleted.

They are remarkably tolerant here, and far far more so than the fascist stalinists at Crusader Rabit.

Redbaiter said...

No they're not you fucking idiot. They delete my posts but leave your off topic cowardly shit up. That's not at all what happens at CR. But don't let that stop you from your smears you fucking dumbarse.

Redbaiter said...

They are remarkably tolerant here, and far far more so than the fascist stalinists at Crusader Rabit.

You're too stupid to appreciate the simple fact that CR is not for "open debate". Never claims to be. Its the sites that say they are but don't allow it that you should be criticisng. Except you're clearly too fucking stupid to appreciate that simple point.

Anonymous said...


lol, why u mad thou?

KG said...

Sigh..once and for all: It's my blog, on my dollar and therefore my choice.
The message at the top right hand side says leftists are not welcome--if that's too complicated for some leftard simpleton to grasp then they'd be better to keep away from a keyboard.Blogs exist for all manner of reasons (why am I even bothering to explain this yet again?) and the fact that one doesn't conform to your ideas about how it should be run is none of your damn business.
The very people who troll CR and end up in the spam bin for obscenities and insults are the ones complaining that we don't allow "free speech"!
I've left perfectly civil comments in here and been assailed with all manner of filth (which the blog admins turn a blind eye to and allow to stand) so don't complain when you're locked out of a place which finds you repulsive.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, you've been deleted by me for use of obscenities.


Anonymous said...

banned for obscenities, must have been a pretty special kindapost, given the expletives that remain in most of this higly amusing thread; shame i missed it. RB you never fail to put a smile on my face, unfortunately you are falling for the leftists stance of playing the man instead of the ball.
I agree with you that there a re a number of stances that have been taken by authors at this blog that don't appear to be consistent with Capitalist and Freedom loving principles, but then again, ACT has been the same. Which is unfortunate because now people who don't like any of the simpering socialist threat of Labourlite's continuation of Helengread policies have no where to turn to if they want parliamentary representation, which MMP is supposed to cater for.

Capitalist said...

Kg it is just plain cowardly to only allow back-slapping sycophants to comment on a blog.

Delete for obscenities by all means, but just for disagreeing with the host? No way. It shows the absence of intellectual rigour, and why have comments at all if agreement is the criteria?

Not the way to convince others, I'm afraid.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gor goodness sake, go and find something useful to do, people!! If KG want's to restrict comments on his blog, that's his business.

Most of the time he's right but of course, left leaning, socialist, craven, appeasing, weepy eyed, hand wringing, liberal wankersw just don't seem to understand that.

Maybe you might wake up after November the 2nd?

Anonymous said...

And therein lies the beauty of a blog, it is owned by someone who has their own criteria for posting. Your freedom for expression can be relayed against someone's postition on an alternative blog (like this one, where people rail against KG & RB's position on a lot of issues), but for you to tell them how to run their blog is is falling for the argument that leftists want you to fall for, i.e. that their argument is worthy of print space. Something that KG doesn't believe.
There are plenty of lefties out there who don't let wealth and freedom protectors and creators to post, and no amount of your type of argument has persuaded them yet to alter their policy. I have no issue with it either, because its mainly drivel, and therefore unworthy of my time, so I wouldn't even load their banner let alone read their shite. The occassions that I have been duped into loading their pages, have all reinforced this viewpoint.

Capitalist said...

Sure KG can restrict comments - if his goal is only to abuse others and not to convince them of the benefits of capitalist society.Certainly his blog is the most controlled/censored in the NZ/Australian political blogosphere.

I think he is an embarrassment to the cause of liberty. He lacks the intellectual ability to defend his posts,and cannot defend liberty without resorting to ad hominem; so deletes those who oppose it. Thus confirming their views about capitalism and freedom.

Redbaiter said...

Man you commies are unbelievable.

This is a thread that should be on Paul Henry and his comments, but you turn it into a massive personal attack on Redbaiter and KG and CR, and then wonder why your posts don't make the grade there.

How about the fact that you can never defend your fucking position for a start off??

Its always about what arseholes your critics are and never about why they're right or wrong.

KG said...

Capitalist said...

Sure KG can restrict comments - if his goal is only to abuse others and not to convince them of the benefits of capitalist society.
My 'goal' is neither of those things and if you had some comprehension skills you'd have noticed no civil commenter gets abused on CR, even when disagreeing.
Certainly his blog is the most controlled/censored in the NZ/Australian political blogosphere.
Controlled? Yes. Yes indeed. Perhaps I ought to post some of the filth and abuse from leftards which ends up in the spam bin for you, so you can see just what is being controlled..

I think he is an embarrassment to the cause of liberty.
because I won't tolerate abuse and obscenities? You have a very odd view of how to promote liberty, in that case.
He lacks the intellectual ability to defend his posts,
you have no idea of my intellectual ability or lack of it--and I'm simply not interested in defending every opinion I hold, or the opinions and facts we gather from news sources. Our readers will make of them what they will and they can argue with the source if they so choose.
and cannot defend liberty without resorting to ad hominem;
I can defend liberty in any number of ways, and since when--by what edict--were ad-hominem attacks outlawed? Some people richly deserve to be attacked.
so deletes those who oppose it.
a lazy generality--nobody has ever been deleted in CR simply for disagreeing with me or a commenter, provided that disagreement is polite and reasoned.
Thus confirming their views about capitalism and freedom.
since when were leftists ever persuaded to change their views on either? And again, we're not in the business of trying to persuade them of anything. To expose their filthy agenda is enough, the job the MSM would be doing were they not fellow-travellers.

Anonymous said...


"It's my blog, on my dollar and therefore my choice."

I don't think that's in dispute o angry one. However it's obvious that you ruthlessly censor people who disagree with you because you're afraid that allowing dissenting views would expose your rank stupidity. That's no way to advance the cause of anything, let alone sweet sweet freedom.

Are you going outa lynchin' today?

Judge Holden

Redbaiter said...

"Are you going outa lynchin' today?"

See? Typical.

You cannot muster a dissenting view. Here is a thread where I posit that this blog should be defending Paul Henry if it was right wing, and you have been completely unable to addres that one way or the other.

Every post from you has ignored that issue completely and instead has been an off topic personal attack on those who oppose you politically.

You expect KG to give you space to do this kind of thing on his blog you're even more of a fucking idiot than you excel at portraying yourself as.

Anonymous said...

only holdens judged to be heaps of shit

WAKE UP said...

A friend of mine wants to hear a comment from the Governor General, not on whether he's slimmed down or is still fat, but about a bunch of Indians trying to rig the recent local body election in Papataoetoe.

WAKE UP said...

Nobody, but nobody, anywhere I've looked, has addressed the central question, which is this;

Q: If "we" are so outraged by Paul Henry's remark/s, how is that he was a ratings WINNER for TVNZ?
A: Because Paul Henry could only exist in a consumer milieu that had execrable taste to begin with.

I won't matter if Paul Henry is fired or not, the appalling taste of the great unwashed will remain the same, whether they complain or not; and soon there'll be another Paul Henry - there always is.

The hypocrisy on all sides is deeply profoundly depressing.