Sunday, October 10, 2010


Michael Laws trying to out henry Paul Henry with his deliberately provocative description of the Governor General as a 'fat Indian'. One senses a deliberate attempt to ratchet up his radio ratings with no regard to the consequences of his action.

But should we expect anything different. A silver spoon fed, Wanganui Collegiate educated, bright, self opinionated, arrogant, completely up himself twit.

Totally disliked by his peers in the National Party Research Unit; failed MP for National; failed MP for Winston First; forced to resign after being caught out manufacturing polls; failed husband and now shacked up with a (former) prostitute and pissed off that his hand picked successor failed to win the W(h)anganui Mayoralty.

And those are his good points.

Desperate for a headline and is succeeding for all the wrong reasons.

But have no doubt that Redbaiter (our resident 'Leftie' posing as one of the Good Guys) will spring to his defence.


Anonymous said...

Michael Laws didnt go to Wanganui Collegiate, so i will be very, very interested to know where you got that from. Certainly no Wanganui Collegiate old boy would ever out himself as a Winston Peters supporter.

Laws went to Wanganui City College. If however you have a source for that, I will be very interested to. I went to wanganui collegiate and I know for a fact that Laws is not listed as an old boy

Inventory2 said...

Anon is quite right; Laws was not a "ringee". His biography talks wistfully of his upbringing in Harper Street, and his schooling at Carlton School and Boys' College as it was then.

Inventory2 said...

And to further elucidate The Veteran, Harper Street is working class and proud of it; state houses and all; silver spoon territory it ain't; more like plastic spoons from the Golden Arch.

The Veteran said...

Anon & IV2 ... thank you and I clearly stand corrected.

But have have it in my mind there is WCS connection. Might it have been Laws Senior?

But it doesn't detract from the thrust of my post that Laws is an embarrassment.

Redbaiter said...

I have not sprung to anyone's defence. I have tried to alert you to the fact that the widespread hysteria in NZ, and the calls for the government to take action are two examples of rank neo-fascism. I lament the fact that you who posture as a right thinker (good grief) and others on this blog unwittingly subscribe to that very fascism.

And for the benefit of that POS whose lies and smears you are always happy to allow to stand while you delete my posts in defence, when I said I was done with this blog, I meant that I was done supporting it the way I had tried to do ever since its inception.

Adolf has surrounded himself with left wingers and NM now stands as an organ that undermines the right. The odious Milt I could at least tolerate when he was in the minority, but too many other recent editions have meant NM's classification as "right wing" is now completely incorrect.

I'm done supporting No Minister. Its as bad as any other left wing propaganda outlet, as your recent posts on the Henry affair demonstrate only too well.

You leave posts up that are examples of vicious and cowardly off topic personal attacks.

..and this is leaving aside your cowardly allegation that I am the equal of those swine who derided our soldiers serving in Vietnam. I have always supported our armed forces, and for this allegation to be made by some simpering brainwashed leftist bozo who calls himself a right winger was to me just the last straw in defining how far this blog, once a must read, has fallen.

Right wing "No Minister".. pffft, what a sick joke.


Hamish Collins said...

I'm done supporting No Minister. Its as bad as any other left wing propaganda outlet, as your recent posts on the Henry affair demonstrate only too well.

Fuck off RedRussellBaiter, you angry halfwit. Take your so called principles which are really just a badge of drunken rage and shove them up your arse as you retreat to another blog where they might tolerate your ravings.

Peter G said...

How many times has redbaiter thrown his toys outa the cot and made his overly dramatic, sophomoric leaving speech now?

Maybe this time he will actually be true to his word for once.

Anonymous said...

Again absolutely no connection. Laws senior was former headmaster at Scots in Wellington. I am very certain he never taught at Collegiate. He was replaced at scots by a former collegiate headmaster in Ian Mckinnon

Anonymous said...

we went to Wanganui Boys College at the same time so where the ringie thing came from is beyond me.

The Veteran said...

Anon (2) ... again then I stand corrected re Laws Senior.

I rephase happily (otherwise my connections at WCS will want my balls for garters) ......

But should we expect anything different. A well balanced individual with a chip on both his shoulders; bright, self opinionated, arrogant, completed up himself half twit who should be casterated so as to ensure his genes can do no further damage.

Redbaiter said...

"Take your so called principles which are really just a badge of drunken rage"

More cowardly smears. I'm not angry and I'm not drunk.

See what I mean Adolf? This blog is over run by yellow backed leftist puke merchants totally bereft of any self respect.

We need them posturing as right wingers like we need a hole in the head.

With these politically confused lamers claiming to be the main opposition to the global socialists, the left will control this country for a long time yet.

Anonymous said...

"when I said I was done with this blog, I meant that I was done supporting it..."

ROFL! Then why didn't you simply say that Russell? Are you that poor a communicator? What a liar.

Judge Holden

Shane Ponting said...

Time for a group hug I think :)

Redbaiter said...

That is what I said you fucking idiot. Exactly what I said.

And if the cowards who administrate this site would allow me to, I'd take you and your pathetic arguments completely to pieces.

The only reason you post here is because you know they're cowards who will protect you.

Too yellow to try it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Why u mad Russell?

Those phat fingers have had one hell of a work out recently.

sagenz said...

Master baiter. I take your every keystroke here at NM as an expression of your undying love and appreciation for Adolf's minions. So please, carry on supporting us to the extreme. Your every word resonates with your hidden adoration for us. Your support could only be stopped if you did not grace us with your prose.

WAKE UP said...

A friend of mine wants to hear a comment from the Governor General, not on whether he's slimmed down or is still fat, but about a bunch of Indians trying to rig the recent local body election in Papataoetoe :)

GK said...

why? his parents were from Fiji and what does a GG have to do with a local body election in the first place?

What a strange comment to make.

Anonymous said...

Some time ago I thought The Veteren wrote some good stuff. This venomous post goes to show he has lost the plot.