Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That Didn't Last Long

Poor old Lyen Brown just found out about real politics. (By hell his forehead is going to cop a shellacking over the next three years.)

His new found friend ain't gonna pay for his political grandstanding.

Here's the 'money' quote. One of the best ever seen.

The PM said the Government shared the goal of an efficient transport system for Auckland, but "not all roads, or all rail tracks, can lead to the Government".

Great stuff.
Maybe Lyen B needs to organize a force 7 earthquake for the City of Sails.

Meanwhile, Labor has cleansed itself of its latter day Brutus.


Murray said...

A socialist buying power by spending other peoples money... gosh.

Anonymous said...

He will just increase the credit card limit.


I thought the Herald's description of John Key as 'tight fisted' was a bit opinionated, especially when the government is spending several billion on transport in the city, including rail.
There is also the Kiwirail spend as well.

JC said...

But Brown also said he could raise money by bonds and public/private partnerships.. which rather destroys his value as a lefty icon.


kevin said...

Akld rate increases looking more likely than ever...

Keeping Stock said...

Someone should tell Bernard Orsman that Len Brown actually won the mayoral election, so there is not need for him to keep writing biased stories, or recycling David Lewis' pro-Brown/anti-Banks press releases.

Anonymous said...

Len Brown actually won the mayoral election

won, spelt "s t o l e" right?

In a fair democracy, a partly corruptly rorting votes is banned, and all of its candidates summarily excluded.

When will NZ try real democracy?

Libertyscott said...

Yes Len and the leftwing council will have to pay for it through rates increases - I look forward to that being tried and Aucklanders responding in kind.

Electrification hasn't even been completed or operating yet, and there were wild predictions about what this would do for Auckland, and Len wants to pour another fortune into something completely unproven. He like other socialists don't quite get that Auckland's motorways pay their way through fuel taxes and RUC, Auckland rail passengers don't even pay more than a third of the operating costs of the trains, let alone any of the capital.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Maybe Len Brown can sell some council assets to pay for his pipe dreams. The Super City still owns Auckland Airport shares right?

Anonymous said...

public private partnership from Lyen len, as if, did you see any of the promised PPPs eventuate form klarkistan 1, or 2? As if! That will take effort to find some fuck dumb enough to signup to a loss making venture. Its a whole heap easier to use the law of forceful theft to simply steal what you want off some buggers who have no means of appeal, except at a 3yearly vote, which unfortunately is 3 years away now. I predict all the leafy suburbs of auckland will get hammered, as will every single multi-dwellinged property in all of Auckland to pay for these pipe dreams. But they will simply do what the central government does and sock the buggers who never plan to use the damn trains with addition transport taxes in the form of an additional regional tax on petrol and diesel, and thus ensure that they get 2 bites at the cherry. They will probably also try to charge a levy on electricity users to fund the vector internet cabling. They learnt these tricks of the biggest thief to ever show its ugly teeth on tele. want proof? look at the electricity market, stuff that is generated from 30 year old dams at under a cent a unit and onsold for upto 25c thus resulting in a 400%+ increase in power bills for people inside a 10year time frame, and massive dividends going back to the govt. A stealth tax by any other name. To top it off they try to say that we need to pay for a new transmission scheme too, but we are never allowed to ask, what about reinvesting the $600m you took out of the power conpamies in dividends last year instead of adding another bullshit tax on top the already existing extortion. Why the hell should we have to prepay for future generation infrastructure, surely you could level the playing field and make it cheaper and easier for a competitor to come and supply all the money them-damn-selves. But no, you are merely a means to your payslip, which the lefties feel they have more right to. Thank fuck I don't live in Auckland, and there is upward pressure on rents as the competition has been weeded out by incompetent governance, and exhorbitant building costs.

Psycho Milt said...

I must say, much an' all as Len Brown strikes me as a weirdo I certainly wouldn't want running my city, the bitterness his victory has brought the blogosphere's right-wingers is very satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Yes Len and the leftwing council will have to pay for it through rates increases

No they won't have to pay for it, leftists and their renting, unemployed, bludging voters don't pay rent

Productive Kiwis in Auckland, owning multiple properties, owning businesses, directly paying millions in rates get no more than one vote each --- and often no votes at all in spite of paying basically ALL the rates.

Of course a leftist was elected.
of course the rates will go up.

But the leftists and their voters won't pay another penny.

When you don't own any books you want public, ratepayer extorted libraries.

When you don't own a pool you want public, ratepayer extorted swimming pools.

When you don't own a car you want public, ratepayer extorted "transport".

WAKE UP said...

Pardon my ignorance, but I thought that over they years Auckland has already contributed more than its share to the common coffers via taxes etc and that the bloody government actually OWES a lot of it back bigtime(no matter who the mayor is) ?