Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sobering news for "The Clown"

Whaleoil covers the further plumbing of the depths by North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams.

Williams, whose term as Mayor expires today as the new Auckland Council comes into being tomorrow, was allegedly picked up for drinking and driving this past Friday.

Whaleoil has consistently made the point that Williams was a bully, self-indulgent, a drunk and more. He slapped the title of "Clown of Campbell's Bay" on Williams and campaigned both online and on the streets to get rid of Williams.

The DIC charge, if it indeed proves true, is a fitting epitaph for a failed political career of anger, abuse and alcohol allegations.


Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about Williams. He's yesterday's man.

gravedodger said...

The useless POS will pop up somewhere else, people like him are like "injuns" the only good ones are dead ones.

The Gantt Guy said...

Watch out for an announcement of a spot for the Clown on Winston First's team!

Flashman said...

The best thing that could happen to peters is having the clown hanging around his scurfy neck.