Friday, October 1, 2010

Pure Labour Horseshit

The only mistake Twyford is genuinely sorry for is getting sprung.

This was a genuine mistake. I am now aware of the rules and I won't be making this mistake again.

"It wasn't my intention to break the rules and I apologise."

Somebody had better tell him to stop collecting all those 'spare' voting papers from South Auckland. There are some rules about that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

all he's good for is pissing on in the wellington airport urinals

Anonymous said...

What a fucking thieving liar.

Anonymous said...

Labour creed.

The end justifies the means.

Just my opinion said...

Good work although I suspect it's the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

What Heine, do you think they'e been stealing dead babies' identities, ripping off publicly funded reading programmes, selling pyramid selling schemes from their offices, committing random assaults and taking their girlfirends and wives to Europe business class on the taxpayer? I agree that would be awful.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Judge. You are like so many misguided others excusing bad stuff on the basis that someone else you don't like did something worse earlier. I'm sick of people sticking up for these theives because one political slant is perceived as less evil than the other.

The Veteran said...

You've nailed it Adolf ...

Sorry for doing it?


Sorry for being caught?

It's all there in Labour's election manual for those who care to look ... 'the end justifies the means' ... but with the rider ... 'Just don't get caught or, if you do, claim it's a genuine error'.