Saturday, October 9, 2010


The UK MOD, Defence News website covers the visit to Afghanistan by Brigadier General Tua'aika Uta'atu, Commander of the Tongan Defence Force including the news that Tonga is to commit 200 troops to join the ISAF force in Central Helman Province. You can read it here

200 troops is a HUGE commitment by Tonga. So too is sending them to Helman Province where the bulk of the fighting is.

And nary a squeak in the New Zealand media about this.


Redbaiter said...

Yep. Admirable indeed. Terrific Tonga.

Sad though that you and other so called rightists are lying down and surrendering to the global Progressives right here in NZ.

Makes one wonder where the shooting should really be taking place.

Anonymous said...

Are they doing it for the money though? I hope none of them get killed though - it seems like a lost cause.


The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... I will not dignify your comments by a reply except to say that they confirm to me that you are a Trevor Mallard plant masquerading as one of the 'Good Guys' and trying (but not succeeding) by your outrageous comments to give the Good Guys and bad name.

But to all. Tonga is of course an Independendant nation and perfectly at liberty to make its own decisions. But I do have some concerns from a military viewpoint because, unlike Fiji which has a long and developed military tradition and expertise stretching back to WW2 and then Malaya and then virtually every other conflict since, Tonga does not.

The TDF is more atuned to parades and ceremonial although I conceed they have, in recent years, helped out in the Solomons and Timor Leste

But the decision to deploy them directly in Helman where the fighting is intense is an 'interesting' one and I hope based on more than the attraction of generous 'in theatre' allowances paid by the Brits or the US or whoever.

Psycho Milt said...

...I hope based on more than the attraction of generous 'in theatre' allowances paid by the Brits or the US or whoever.

Me too, but I suspect it's a forlorn hope.

Makes one wonder where the shooting should really be taking place.

An armed anti-progressive insurrection? Sounds rather like the Taleban...

Seriously though mate, please by all means do go ahead and take up arms against the forces of progress. It would help make up for all those years of doing nothing about it other than talking shit on the internet, and the entertainment value for those of us watching would be enormous.

Redbaiter said...

Hey Milt, which one of you guys was posting on that other thread, and changed the handle on their first post from "anonymous" to "Peter"?

Psycho Milt said...

I don't know of any way you can do that with the Blogger comments system. The only options we have as administrators are to delete them and leave a note that they were deleted by an admin, or delete them without trace - there isn't any facility to edit them after they've been posted (which has annoyed the hell out of us on many occasions). Only way I can think of to change the author of a comment would be to delete the comment completely and re-post it with the new name - but if anyone else has posted in the meantime you're screwed, because there's also no way to post a comment anywhere but at the bottom of the thread.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey Vet, It's difficult to find any evidence in the linked piece of a visit to Afghanistan. A cosy visit to London for the signing but surely a Brig Gen would keep well away from anything like ----- bullets?

BTW what the hell does the Tongan Army need a Brigadier General for? Hell, by the time they allow for all the Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Warrant Officers, Sergeants and Corporals, there'll be no Indians left.

Sorry, what a dick shit I am, I meant Tongans.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... you are right re the article but my advice was that he had just returned from Afghanistan.