Sunday, October 3, 2010


#1 Their mother thinks that going 350k north of Auckland for 3 days means they need as much luggage as 'normal' people would take on the three month African safari.

#2 They don't like 'your' favourite meal.

#3 They think watching Rider Cup Golf ain't fun.

#4 They tend to loose their sox.

#5 The fact that we live 17k from civilisation (Kaitaia!!!!!!!) makes them nervous.

#6 Their dog (Buster) takes over the house.

#7 Disney Channel 1 vs NPC Rugby nil.

#8 "Granddad, where's your Wii" ... "if you want to use the toilet Liam it's just off the hall" ... 'penetrating look.

#9 Memsahib staggered by nine pairs of underpants in 48 hours.

#10 Being made to feel a dork by being trashed in computer games by a 7 YO.

#11 Apparently walking in the fields isn't cool nor is grubbing thistles.

#12 Throwing up in the car while going over the Mamamukas ain't cool either.

But we could be just booring old farts.

But we luv them.


KG said...

"But we luv them."


Anonymous said...

Because they're innocent kids being kids, you nasty old goat.

KG said...

Lol! And kids are never undisciplined brats, right?

Anonymous said...

How is losing socks and being carsick being an undisciplined brat and not just being a child.

Amazing that you should question why a grandfather should love his grandchildren.

Shows how nasty you are.

Bossco said...

"Lol! And kids are never undisciplined brats, right? "

Why would you turn a loving Grandads posting into a flame fest you clown. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

Seriously what a dick, hope you don't have grandkids yourself.

Anonymous said...

"If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

That would render KG mute (not a bad thing). You've seen his blog - where everyday's a good day for a lynchin' - right?

Judge Holden