Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a sour lot we are. Happy to kowtow to every non-white whinger who speaks up.
Seriously, diplomatic complaints because some tool has a brain fart on the telly!
FFS, Indians should be more concerned with the half a billion people in their own country living in poverty. You know, real poverty. Not the "I have only one flat screen telly and cannot get a new car" poverty that we seem to benchmark against in this land of wimpy white men and their pear shaped women.

I cannot believe the fuss the left and their permanently offended client groups have managed to whip up over Paul Henry.
Not much mention of death squads in Kashmir or a complete balls up in Delhi or some Labour member since May turban wearing scumbag who tries to cheat in our local body election. No lets concentrate on a stupid throw away comment made by a white man.

It is okay when Hone sprays, or Clarkula mocks religious groups, or Willy Jackson nuts off.
But if you are white and not a lesbian it is not okay?

Personally, I hate everybody.
The corrupt Indians, the spitting chinese, the eat the rich lefties, the born to rule tories, the butch dykes, the 30 week a year, 6 hour a day, highest paid in the OECD teachers, the lazy grasping Maori and most of all. The group I despise the most is the scared of their own shadow middle aged white male who has let himself become the fucking blame hound for everything that is wrong with the world.

So where are we now that Paul Henry has fallen victim to the shriekers?
Paul Holmes? FFS.

And ask yourself this. Did you wonder who the hell the GG was when the beast announced him?
I know I did.


Psycho Milt said...

Bollocks. It's just the market in action - he became a threat to TVNZ's advertising income, and there's no greater crime a TV personality can commit.

Doug said...

Bullshit Milt TVNZ is already talking of re employing Paul Henry, just watch his salary increase he will be worth more to TVNZ now.

mawm said...

BB, the middle-aged white male has had everybody beat up on him for every perceived wrong in this world for the last 40 years or so. It has now quietly expanded to encompass all the 'baby boomers'.

There are a few reasons for this, not least that we did not go through the leftist indoctrination throughout our formative years and that we have worked hard and achieved a modicum of financial success. These two things in particular rankle the lefty MSM, who are fond of calling us rednecks, and the generations that follow, who, having been given everything on a plate, suddenly find that they actually have to work and personal wealth is hard to earn.

Re the GG - everything the beast did had a political purpose, this I presume was to cock a snook at the Eurocentric nature of NZ.

Anonymous said...

Are you having a laugh? The Boomers are the most selfish generation in history.

You've set an example for your children they couldn't help but follow.

The sooner we're rid of your influence the better off we'll be.

WAKE UP said...

Nobody, but nobody, anywhere I’ve looked, has addressed the central question, which is this;

If “we” are so outraged by Paul Henry’s remark/s, how is that he was a ratings WINNER for TVNZ?

Answer: Because Paul Henry could only exist in a consumer milieu that had execrable taste to begin with.

I won’t matter if Paul Henry is fired or not, the appalling taste of the great unwashed will remain the same, whether they complain or not; and soon there’ll be another Paul Henry – there always is.

There’d be no Paul Henrys, Paris Hiltons, PEREZ Hiltons, Bill Mahers et al if the public acquired some taste. To set the standards that low, and then pretend to be offended later, is beyond satire The hypocrisy on all sides is deeply profoundly depressing.

ps - a friend of mine wants to hear a comment from the Indian High Commission about a bunch of Indians trying to rig the recent local body election in Papataoetoe.

mawm said...

Anon @ 10:22 - The Boomers are the most selfish generation in history.

That sounds very much like an indoctrinated phrase rather than an original thought.

Do you deny that the 'boomers' worked hard to get their wealth?

Do you deny that the generations that followed received every possible advantage to get somewhere in life....all sponsored by the 'boomers'?

On what do you base your comment that we are selfish? Like Bernard Hickey, is it because we own property? Funny how somebody else owned the property before we came along, and somebody will own the property long after we have gone.

I know that I have (and still do ) worked harder than my colleagues a generation or two younger than me and that at comparable age was far poorer.

So, if you want to get anywhere or ever become financially secure, stop your whining and wake up to the fact that it is all up to you what you become.

GK said...

wow mawm has more of a victim mentality than Hone.

Anonymous said...

Mawm isn't the victim at all here. S/he has a point, and that is that the boomers haven't rorted the system at all. The system if anything has been loaded such that the Boomers have had to support their parents and grandparents disproportionately at the boomers expense. Don't believe me, then ask yourself, who benefited from National Super? What is the proportion of the tax regime was funded by Boomers between 1960 and 2010?
It is hard to argue with the facts, but the whole Boomers are gweedy angle is a beat up. The truth is the Boomers want the same thing every generation wants, and that is to live in better conditions than their parents. There has been massive increases in the standard of living in NZ from when my parents were raised, through to today (e.g. dirt floors were commonplace in poor rural NZ in the 40s and 50s; today you'd have CYFS ream you a new one if you tried to raise a kid in a house with a dirt floor).
I had a flatmate in university durity the 90s who did a research project for his legals paper, which found that the the war generations paid the lowest tax in proportion to income of any generations. When coupled with the benefits they received also as a result of the massive accumulation of govt debt while under their generation's tenure, they received massively inflated returns on their taxdollar, which the boomers and now Gen X have paid for. I can understand there being a social debt to the war generations, because without their sacrifice we'd be living under some tyranical dictatorship. But the truth is the Boomers paid through the nose to sort out those debts. Now that it is approaching the retirement age for the boomers, and they quite rightly are wanting to look to the govt for a return on their tax dollars, that the govt is thinking oh shit, we're already broke, these bastards are gonna screw us badly, how are we gonna save our asses on this one? Solution, make the boomers the problem! blame them for all the evils in society. They caused the housing boom, building all the suburbs in all the towns/ cities, making us need roads, so lets stick AGW on them too, cos they needed cars to get to places.
The following generations will naturally leap at these suggestions because it offers a convenient excuse, something which allows them to feel sorry for their own financial ineptitude. Lord help the following generations though, because their sense of entitleitis is even worse.
Bernard Hickey is a one horse anti property pony. He blames all the ills of the country on property investment, forgetting that people need to live somewhere if they are to be productive, because last time looked, a house satisfied one of the 3 essentials in life, namely food, clothing and shelter. He conveniently forgets that socialism is the reason people turned to porperty to invest in, because why work so hard if some bugger comes and takes it off yuou to give to some other bugger who can't even be arsed to get off theirs to dig a garden to grow their own food. They look at the wasted expenditure or the pet project expenditure and think, wtf, why work to support that carry on, when I have no intention to ever go to the ballet, orchestra, hiphop dance tour, etc.
Hickey needs to face up to the fact that he chose the wrong career, and perhaps he is addressing that with his website, and maybe one day he can get the thing to make him a fortune, good luck to him too. I kinda doubt that it will happen for him, because the way his website currently is, the only people who seem to be fans are the ones who want to point the finger at the wealthy, playing a blame game. Whenever a wealthy person comes on there to comment, they get something tantamount to thieves, because they must have stolen their wealth...or stolen the opportunity from someone else.

Disclosure: I am a gen x'er with a multimillion dollar property portfolio

Dexter said...

Didn't read that huge wall of text. Hope you didn't waste much time on it.


Anonymous said...

We younger people would all have a house to live in as you say, if the boomers hadn't have bought them all to rent to us.

mawm said...

GK - you really are an effing idiot....blame it on your indoctrination ....ummm, education.

Dexter - ditto

Anon @ 2:35 - ditto. What do you think we did before we could raise a deposit for our first property? Maybe we also had to rent.

Jeez, what a bunch of cry-babies.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Hi guys, did I miss anything?

All rather sad with what happened to Paul Henry. I cheer myself up by watcing this comedy gold by Spike Milligan.

Spike Milligan was one of Prince Charles favourite comedians don't you know.

To our future King.

mawm said...

Spike was funny....but in a different sense so is Charles.

Anonymous said...

without their sacrifice we'd be living under some tyranical dictatorship.

well - that sacrifice worked out really well didn't it?

pity it was all in vain, as we have a 50% fucking marginal total tax, and tv commentators get fired for "saying what we're all thinking" ---

and we don't even get the trains running on time

mawm said...

and we don't even get the trains running on time

Ahhhh.....left wing utopia!